Amsterdam Outfit Post #2

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Hello Lovelies –  welcome to my second ‘Amsterdam Outfit Post’ !

This post is a long time coming …. well two weeks anyway! I picked up some goodies in Amsterdam when I was there (as anyone who follows me on Snapchat will already know {‘WildflowerDblog”} ). And as promised I’m showing you what I got in the style of an Amsterdam Outfit Post or an old fashioned OOTD ! Hope you enjoy……

IMG_1400 IMG_1448 IMG_1483 IMG_1489 IMG_1492 IMG_1514 IMG_1518 IMG_1507 IMG_1495


Jacket, Top & Boots : H&M

Jeans: Guess

Location: Amsterdam


Hope you like the outfit ladies, I’ll definately be teaming it with my new black leather Zara bag which I love !!!


If you have any questions on this or any other post hit me up on any of the following or comment below.

Or Snap me – My Snapchat is ‘WildflowerDblog’ !

Speak soon lovelies ,



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