My Amsterdam Adventure

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Hello Lovelies and welcome to my Amsterdam Adventure,
I booked Amsterdam as a Valentines surprise for my man, I managed to get cheap flights with Ryanair for only thirty Euro each! Then after some hours thrawling the world wide web I came across “Good Hotel Amsterdam”. Now while the name doesn’t sound ‘great ‘ excuse the pun-it was the perfect little place for us to lay our heads while in Amsterdam- not to mention the funkiest decor !
Day 1 We arrived in Amsterdam about 7pm and went straight to check into our hotel (which was only a short walk from the Central Station). It was about 8.30 by the time we found somewhere we wanted to eat but the little place we found was certainly worth the wait! That little place was “Green House Kitchen” and I got the Falafel Salad with Quinoa and it was hands down the nicest salad i’ve ever had.
Day 2 (Our first full day in Amsterdam) we walked 50meters to our nearest bike shop and hired two bikes (much to my disappointment as I wanted one tandem bike so we could ride along so romantically like they do in the movies!) If you follow me on Snapchat you will of already heard about this !!! (WildflowerDBlog is my username) . Anyway we got our bikes and started to explore the city! I had a list of about twelve things/places I wanted to see/do and we got about five or six of them done. So the first place we ticked off my list was the ‘floating flower market’ – its aptly named because you can buy flowers, bulbs and seeds there and also because when you look at the stalls from behind you’ll notice they’re actually floating on the canal!(Although admittedly I didn’t realise this until a few days later!!) Anyway I bought some bulbs and seeds and yes, they were ok to take home to Ireland much to my relief! 
From there we went to the other market and parked our bikes up to stroll down the street of stalls. We bought a hat and gloves for Darren (because he gave me his jacket awwwwhhhh) and I got a mini tripod for my camera – it was only 20Euro so I was chuffed with that ! I think they’re usually much more ! Anyway another thing I had to do while in Amsterdam was to try a StroopWaffle and when we came across a lovely little vendor in the market we decided that was our chance ! We got a stroop waffle each and we both opted for the chocolate on top option and they were divineeeee !
After the market we headed toward Vondelpark . Vondelpark is a beautiful big park where you can enjoy a walk or in our case cycle surrounded by gorgeous greenery , trees and lakes and an abundance of wildlife- heres a picture I took of a Herron. I was up that close to him it was fab !
After the Park I made a sneaky stop in H&M and made a dent in the wallet – I’ll definitely show you what I got ! #watchthisspace 
After this we visited the famous ‘Red Light District’. I wanted to see it in the daytime and at night and because we were cycling around for a while we got to experience both which was great! We went back towards Vondelpark for dinner as we had spotted Wagamamas earlier in the day and nothing else would do at that stage ! We got Chilli & Garlic Edamarme , Chicken Katsu Curry and Teriyaki Soda and we even sampled dessert which was a white chocolate and ginger cheesecake with a salted caramel sauce – yummmm!
Anyway that was our action packed day , It was so tiring but I would do it all again in the morning ! First impressions of Amsterdam such a beautiful City !

Day 3 : Today we made for a bakery first thing , got a stroopwaffle (when in Rome and all that!) after we had our quickie breakfast we cycled to Centraal station where we took the free ferry to the Wharf . I had read somewhere that we should visit there but to be honest there wasn’t really much to see or do so I wouldn’t be recommending it as a must see to anyone! Anyway I shot my outfit pics there , my outfit post to follow (I’ll link it below when its up) and we didn’t hang around any longer , off we went back to Amsterdam. After this we went to the nine streets area where we parked our bikes and just strolled around the shops , it was lovely! And I made some fab purchases there too!! Yes I do have a problem! 


After nine streets we made our way towards Anne Frank’s house and the queue was insane so we decided to come again in the morning. We went back to the little spot we found on our first night “Green House Kitchen” and I got the Falafel Salad again – it was soooo good ! So it will be making my list of recommendations for Amsterdam !! (For recommendations see bottom of post).
Day 4 :
On our last day (sniffle sniffle) we got up before 8am to cycle down to the Anne Frank house before 8.30 where we queued for about 30 minutes until they opened their doors and probably waited another fifteen minutes to get through the queue that was already waiting before 8.30am! Anyway we eventually got in and found it was definately something worth seeing/queueing for !This was also the day we gave back our bikes – gutted ! Was really enjoying riding my bike up and down the beautiful canals. But instead of biking the city today we decided to boat around the canals with a 24hr hop on- hop off ticket! We got our boat ticket combined with our Heineken ticket for thirty one euro per person.
IMG_0927We did actually try to get tickets to the Van Gogh Museum but because it was the weekend and so last minute it was sold out! So a word of advice, if the Van Gogh Museum is something you really want to do then book it in advance people!!
Oh my god this is an absolute essay- sorry!! haha! But I did absolutley LOVE Amsterdam! I would absolutely go back and I would therefore ABSOLUTELY recommend it to a friend! So there ya go!!! GO!!!!!
My other recommendations are:
1. Hire bikes when you get there- biking the city was a highlight for me!
2. Try a Stroopwaffle (or 2, or 3…) and definately try that market stall I posted about above!!
3. Take a Canal Tour (the 24hr hop on -hop off is probably the best option with the greatest freedom)
4. Visit the Anne Frank Museum (and book it in advance if you can, failing that after 5pm weekdays/and after 8pm weekends)
5, Do the Heineken Factory tour- we only did this by default but I have to say it was the best Brewery tour i’ve ever done and we had the best craic at it!
6. Vodelpark (bike it or walk it -its beautiful)
7. Strolling/shopping in the nine streets.
8. Albert Cupymarkt – check it out (and pick up a stroopwaffle from my favourite stall!)
9. The Floating Flower Market (oh ya know ‘buy a bulb ‘n all that!)
10. The Van Gough Museum (this is something we didnt get to do but I wouldve like to so word of advice book early!)
11. Visit a coffee shop (Amsterdam is well known for two things this is one of them!) Here you can legally get high.. so if thats your thing knock yourself out! If not , surely its still worth a visit?
12. And finally the Red Light District – this is probably the most famous thing about Amsterdam and its funny because its actually just such a small part of Amsterdam but worth a visit none-the-less.
 Any questions on Amsterdam or anything in this post or any of my other posts just drop me a line below or on any of the following , i’d be happy to hear from you!

Or Snap me – My Snapchat is ‘WildflowerDblog’ !

Speak soon babes ,



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