Appreciation Post and Giveaway

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Appreciation Post and Giveaway


So I decided to do this piece first and foremost to thank you so much, anyone who has voted for my pictures in the Huaweisnapys. I think people are often asked to vote for this and vote for that and it can be painful! Thats why I wanted to put together some of my favourite beauty buys in a Hamper to give to one of you lovely people who have voted for my pics. I’ve included the link if you wanted to vote and didn’t get to or even just if you wanted to gain more entries to the giveaway-  My pictures .Each vote will count as an entry. You can vote for each picture via each of the three social media accounts – facebook, instagram and twitter. So you can actually gain three entries per picture. If you do not want to vote you don’t have to , you can also share the competition image on Facebook and comment ‘Shared’ to gain an entry to be in with a chance of winning! If you are voting on the pictures then comment on the Facebook post with the number your entry makes on each pic . For Example: (“Family Category” vote no 70, 71 & 72) etc. and I will count each vote as an entry.

I also wanted to go through each of my pictures and fill you in on each one and the story behind them. Because every picture tells a story , right?


First up is my entry for the Family Category and while its not your usual ‘family’ type entry for some reason this image sprang to mind right away. If you like this picture you can click this link to vote. I like that it tells a story but also lets you fill in the pieces. The information you can work out from the picture is that its set on a beach , theres a little boy /girl walking beside a man/ woman shoreside. You can fill in the rest of the details yourself… where the beach is, is the toddler a boy or a girl? Who is the person with them? etc..  So I took this photo just sitting on a beach in Thailand with Darren, it was actually the beach in Phi Phi- so beautiful! I just saw the Mother and son walking together side by side , hand in hand and thought it was really special and just ‘clicked’ and luckily for me they were both in sync which made the picture extra special for me.


Next up is the Fashion Category , I chose this picture just because it kinda has a funky vibe. You can register your vote here. Yes I’m sitting on a bin … don’t ask!! the things you do for an insta -worthy shot! haha! The only story behind this is I was shooting a series of looks for a ‘sports luxe theme’ that I was doing for the blog. Although at that point my site wasn’t up so instagram and Facebook was the height of it! I did 7 days of “sports luxe” and this was one of the looks I came up with.


This picture is in the ‘People” category- you can vote for this picture here.  I took this picture in Bali about four years ago , when instagram was all new to me and a filter was the height of sophistication! I just really loved how it captured those people and the essence of their lifestyle and the place. Nothing was staged , it was all so natural for them to line up, kneel and pray just there in the middle of what seemed like a ruin to the rest of us, but it was in fact an ancient place of worship for those people.


This is another picture I took while in Bali, I’m entering it into the ‘Selfie‘ category, (vote here) although ,again its not your typical ‘selfie’ but I’m going for originality anyway! We were driving down dirt roads through rice paddocks and I remember thinking it was so different, it was like another world! So ‘click’ and thats what I got! Although you can’t see the whole picture I think its cool because again you can add your own imagination to the story and I could be driving through the air (if your imagination would stretch to that! LOL)


Im also entering this picture into the ‘Selfie’ Category , unlike the first picture above you can definately tell where I am in this one! This is me happy out taking a selfie on the Great Wall of China ! To vote for this picture- Click here! 


This is another view of the typical selfie ! Its a shadow selfie myself and Darren took in the outback in Australia, just by Ayres rock! I haven’t posted it yet but when I do i’ll link it here!


This picture is one I actually included in a blog post on Donegal . Blog Post here . You can vote for this picture here! Im entering this into the ‘Wild Atlantic Way‘ category as thats exactly where it was taken! If you read my blog post on Donegal you’ll know this picture was taken on the Slieve League Cliffs – the highest sea cliffs in Europe! So for that very reason I thought it was pretty special. Well that and the fact that its also the only picture here where bump makes an appearance!

For the travel category I had so many pictures to choose from that were important to me from my travels, however I knew i’d need to seriously cut them down! I couldn’t just submit one for this category so here are the pictures I couldn’t leave behind!  The below picture was taken on Lake Eyre ,which, on the rare occasion it fills, is the largest lake in Australia! For the remainder of the time its a blanket of white salt! You can vote for this pic here.


This one was actually taken on the same day (hence the dress!) and not too far from Lake Eyre, I just thought it was cool with the reflection in the train tracks and fits the theme of travel in another dimension! I haven’t posted this one yet but when I do i’ll link it here!


Here is the link to all the photos i’ve entered into the various categories, if you want to take a look at them and vote for your favourites then : click here to view all the photos.

Again thank you all soooooo much to anyone who took the time to vote for my pictures and best of luck in the Giveaway!  Its a FAB prize and I can’t wait to send it to one of you!!!

As always guys n gals if you’ve any questions on this or any of my other posts then please get in touch …

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