My Baby Bag…

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My Baby Bag…


Hey Everyone !

As most of you probably know already a big part of pregnancy is preparing for having a little baby in your life! From the start of my pregnancy I have been planning what I would need for baby and that includes the Baby Bag! For months Ive been eyeing up baby bags – from the street to baby boutiques and online stores, I think i’ve got a good idea of whats out there at this stage!


From the get go I knew what kind of bag I wanted. I didn’t want it to look like an obvious baby nappy bag or anything! So I was eyeing up the kind of bags i’d normally go for. The biggest question then was black leather or tan leather? I chose the Tan. I think a good Tan bag goes with absolutely everything and thats what I wanted!


This is the description of the PacaPod Jasper from their website : Jasper is a gentle slouchy style crafted from buttery soft leather that’s designed to hug the body. Simple, clean lines and refined details make this a wonderfully luxurious bag which is available two classic shades of chestnut and black that will cross the seasons – effortlessly. The bag is finished off with gold metallic dots and subtle hardware for a timeless look. As with all PacaPod’s baby bags the devil is in the detail. Jasper is designed with the brand’s pin-sharp attention to detail to ensure practicality and longevity. Tucked neatly inside the rear cargo section is the unique 3-in-1 ‘baby organiser’ with two detachable ‘pods’ to store baby and toddler feeding and changing items to help new parents venture out and travel with tots.


Im a sucker for all the detail in these bags. I love how the baby bits have a compartment of their own and you can still have all your necessities in the main compartment. When you unzip the front pouch of the bag two PacaPods are revealed. One is a changing pod and the other a feeding pod. On the changing Pod theres a baby changing mat and inside each compartment is labelled. 4g5a5293

The feeding pod is insulated to keep the bottle at the appropriate temperature. Theres also a bottle holder in it and it has straps to go onto your toddler as a little backpack!!!!(my favourite part) Sooooo cute !!!


I got my Jasper PacaPod from and I have to say they were great from start to finish. The girls from work all chipped in on it for me as a gift for the baby shower so Thanks girls !!!  I spoke to Andreas and Zarah from Cherish Me and both were so helpful. My order was with me almost as soon as it was sent! I couldn’t get over the promptness of the delivery service and I was informed about every step along the way! When my order arrived , it came in a huge box and was very well wrapped/protected. It even came with its own dust bag, which is great because that will go a long way to keep it clean and scratch free !


Another thing I love about this bag is it even comes with straps to attach to your pram. It seems they thought of everything !


I love anything that makes life easier and this bag is looking like its going to do just that for me ! You can check it out here : Pacapod Jasper in Chestnut. If black is more your style you can check out the black Pacapod Jasper here!


Something else that i’ll be looking to get is that ‘special teddy’ that hopefully will mean alot to baby. They have a big selection of the fabulous Jelly Cat soft toys here. I think this one is just the CUTEST!!! Its called the Jellycat boubou monkey and its linked here if you fancy a look!


If theres anything you need help with or want to discuss with the guys at CherishMe then get in touch with them. Like I said, they were so helpful to me and Im sure they wouldn’t mind answering any queries on this product or any of their products online.  Their email is . As always guys n gals if you’ve any questions on this or any of my other posts then please get in touch …

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  1. Rodanthi Dimou

    This baby bag looks so elegant, yet so practical! I will definitely share your post with a friend of mine that is expecting her first baby. 🙂

  2. Ana

    The bag looks so cool and trendy unlike other conventional baby nappy bags! Also, love the color!

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