The Baby Box : A Brand Review

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The Baby Box

Hello Lovelies !

I’m super excited to share this post with you. I really love the items i’m reviewing for this post so that makes it super easy to write about them! I was lucky enough to be sent these items to try out and wow I’m so glad that I did! After going through both options with a fine tooth comb I really can’t think of a better present for any new mum or mum to be. You can visit their site here!

The two items i’ll be going through in this post are the Deluxe Baby Box and the Baby Bath Set.

There are different options available in the Baby Boxes.

The Bed Box 75.00

The Bed Box & Changing Kit 125.00

The Original Baby Box 125.00

The Deluxe Baby Box 195.00

The Ultimate Baby Box  275.00

Some information from their website:

The Baby Box originated in Finland and was designed as a package of essential items required for the first 9 months of a child’s life – everything a child and their guardians would need to give them the best possible start.

The Box itself was also designed to be the baby’s first crib, with a firm mattress, sturdy design and matching bed clothes. The simple, effective design of the box coupled with its firm mattress helps promote safe sleeping. The programme is still going strong today and Finland’s Infant Mortality rate is now the 5th-lowest in the world.


This is what The Baby Box say about their Deluxe Baby boxes.

Our Deluxe Baby Box is a comprehensive gift box for new parents, covering every little moment of a new baby’s day, from outfit and nappy changes to playtime right up to the moment they put their little heads down for the night.


This particular one is 195.00 and you can click on the name to view the product straight from their site –  Deluxe Baby Box !

The following is  a list of the contents in the Deluxe Baby Box :

1 x Baby Box
1 x Mattress
1 x Machine Washable Breathable Mattress Cover
1 x 100% Cotton Fitted Sheet
1 x Baby Health & Grooming Kit
2 x 100% Cotton Extra Large Muslin Swaddles (120cm x 120cm)
1 x Signature Elephant Toy
1 x 100% Cotton Luxury Blanket
3 x 100% Cotton Baby Vests
2 x 100% Cotton Baby Sleep Suits
2 x 100% Cotton Hats
2 x 100% Cotton Bibs
2 x 100% Cotton Pairs of Mittens
2 x Soothers
1 x Pack of Nappies
1 x Jar of Nappy Cream
1 x Pack of Water Wipes
1 x Bag of Cotton Squares





Charitable Donations:

The Baby Box has partnered with UNICEF Ireland and will donate 10 Vaccination Kits to the Developing World to be distributed by UNICEF to the children who need them the most. Each of these Kits will protect a child from the life threatening illnesses of Measles, Polio and Tetanus which are unfortunately still prevalent in the Developing World.




Just look at this cute little elephant. This little elephant is like their little mascot and he appears throughout the box on their clothing , on the box ,in their bath essentials and he even appears as a teddy on the babys comforter.


I was pleasantly surprised when I opened up this little blue box to see the amount of beautiful baby clothing inside.

This box contains :

1 x 100% Cotton Luxury Blanket
3 x 100% Cotton Baby Vests
2 x 100% Cotton Baby Sleep Suits
2 x 100% Cotton Hats
2 x 100% Cotton Bibs
2 x 100% Cotton Pairs of Mittens



Did you spot the cute print? Our friend the elephant appears on alot of the clothing items. Another print that features in the box is a cute little star print. What I love about all these pieces is that not only are they unisex and so suitable for boy or girl but they are also 100% cotton which is good for babys soft delicate skin. All the clothing comes in 0-3months which is ideal, most parents are inundated with newborn clothing as soon as their little ones arrive and often times babys don’t fit ‘newborn’ sizes!


Up next is the Baby Bath which I LOVE!!!  I really like the bath the set is based around. Its a “Shnuggle” bath which I was looking into getting. I love the innovative shape which is suitable for baby from 0-12 months. The grooves in the bath allow for good support for the baby. Of course you would never leave a baby unattended in the bath anyway but its good to feel like your baby is supported wherever they are. The bath set also comes with a support for Mummy too! The float like object in the picture is actually a foam board for under your knees when your by your babys side in the bath. It seems they’ve thought of everything!

This Baby Bath Kit is 125.00 and you can view it here.

The Bath Kit contains:

1 x Baby Bath
1 x Kneeling Pad
1 x Bath Toy & Thermometer
1 x 100% Cotton Luxury Bath Robe
1 x 100% Cotton Hooded Towel
1 x Burt’s Bees Baby Shampoo
1 x Burt’s Bees Baby Lotion
1 x Burt’s Bees Nourishing Baby Oil
1 x Burt’s Bees Diaper Ointment
1 x Burt’s Bees Butter Milk Soap
1 x Baby Sponge
1 x Brush & Comb Set
1 x Nail Clippers
1 x Bag of Cotton Wool



Last but by no means least, (in fact probably my favourite part) are these adorable bath accessories. Again Mr elephant shows his face but this time with a baby elephant alongside him! I absolutely love the bath robe and matching hooded bath towel. It would be hard to come across a cuter bathroom duo anywhere! Also pictured here is the fantastic and uber natural Burts Bees bath set and a cute little rubber ducky. This rubber ducky isn’t just your bog standard rubber ducky either, it actually indicates if the water is too hot for your little one! Serious result! Again , is there anything they didn’t think of?



My favourite part of this whole thing was speaking to founder of The Baby Box James Fox and looking into their story on their website because everything about the company is just so genuine and I LOVE supporting genuine people and genuine companies. James even told me to ‘take my time’ with the piece knowing that I’d have alot on my plate with the new baby coming! People like that are few and far between in the PR industry so that really meant alot to me!

All this coupled with the Charitable giving from The Baby Box makes it high on my list of favourite Irish Companies!


If theres anything at all you’d like to know about this wonderful Irish owned company don’t hesitate to get in touch! I’d be happy to help !

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