The Baby Room : Cute and Simple!

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The Baby Room

Hello Lovelies,

I thought it was about time I show you all the baby room! I know you’ve been seeing Snaps of bits and pieces here and there on Snapchat (WildflowerDBlog) but i’ve also had lots of people asking if its done and wanting to see it. So here it is.. our Baby Room!!!



We painted the baby room white to go with the rest of our ‘minimal’ decor upstairs. We got gorgeous wall decals from Mothercare. Wall decals are a great way to add a theme to a room without a whole lot of work, plus they are super cute !! It looks like these particular ones are sold out but you can check out their collection of wall stickers here.


We chose a colour scheme of white , cream and grey. I was initially just going to go with white and one of the other colours but when I saw these curtains I really wanted to incorporate both colours into the baby room.

I picked up these curtains in Shaws. (They were about €60).

The cot is the Stokke cot (small size) and it expands to full size (when baby is around 5/6mths)with the addition of some extra parts that come with it. You can get the canopy from Stokke aswell but I think its about €80 so its just as easy to make it yourself or do what I did and get your Mother on the job!!!Thanks Mum!


For the change table we really wanted one with good drawer space for the little ones clothes! That didn’t prove an easy thing to come by let me tell you! Any we looked at either didn’t have the drawer space or were very expensive for what they were. So we decided on a unit of drawers from ikea- the ideal height for changing baby and good drawer space. Then Darren made the changing unit for the top ,which is securely bolted onto the unit at the back.

I probably should also say that these units should be secured to the wall particularly in a baby room or around young children, as they have been known to fall forward when drawers are pulled out (if not secured). The thing I like about this is when baby is out’ve nappys all we need to do is unscrew the top unit(the changing unit) and the child will then just have its own set of drawers! As you can see the nappy disposal is also in our colours of white and grey – its the tommee tippee one. Its supposed to keep the smell of the nappys in the bin- we’ll see !

You may also notice the cute little monkey on the shelf – thats from and i’ve linked it here for you!

The little turtle is one of those temperature gauges that you can get for your little one. I was given it as a gift so i’m not sure where its from but you can find a really cute one here . Gro Egg Nursery thermometer.

And the shelves you will probably have seen Darren making on Snapchat. I decide what I want and he makes it (them!) , thats how it works!! Isn’t he fantastic!?


Darren also made this beautiful animal mobile for the baby. He came up with this himself and I love it ! Its hangs from the ceiling on the side of the babys crib. Hopefully baby will like it too!!!


Heres another look at the cloud shelves with some of the babys first things on them. Yep thats Sophie the Giraffe, she’s world famous and must be in nearly every babys collection at this stage. Sophie is a teething toy that’s perfectly safe for your baby to suck/chew on as the paints etc are all natural. (So safe for baby to swallow)



Our little Baby Britt frame takes pride of place on babys wall just by the door. Its a piece that we had a friend draw up with Hugo and Harley on rather than the store bought pieces with a tree or an elephant etc. Not that theres anything wrong with them- they are gorgeous but we were just delighted when Laura suggested drawing Hugo and Harley. Its a lovely personal touch! These pieces are good for baby showers or even just to guess the sex of the baby with your family and friends. Each person gets a guess and represents their guess with a blue or pink thumbprint on the page and then signs it. As you can see i’ve most people convinced i’m having a boy !!! oops! haha..


Thats all for now! Im sure we’ll add to the room as we get to know Baby Britt but for now its nice to have a nice little place for all his/her things. And there are ALOT of things that come with a baby …believe me!!!

As always guys n gals if you’ve any questions on this or any of my other posts then please get in touch …

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  1. Elizabeth O.

    I love the little cloud shelves, those are adorable! I think this baby room is lovely, it’s one of the prettiest that I’ve seen so far!

  2. Claudia Blanton

    this is so pretty! You did an amazing job, and I love what you did with the IKEA dresser. Well done! My kids are teenagers, so it has been a while since I had to decorate anything that adorable. Blessings!

  3. Nina

    Cute!! I love the book silent night! It looks like you’re created quite a nice and cozy space!


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