Broome-Broome All the way to Perth…

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For as long as Ive been living in Australia (i.e.: the past 5years) I’ve wanted to go to Broome! Dont ask me why because after my brief stint in Broome I’ve been asking myself the same thing!!

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Well I got such an opportunity a couple of weeks ago thanks to my lovely boyfriend Darren… and off I went (we went) !!! It started April 5th (my birthday) when I opened my Birthday Card to find flight itineraries and a camper relocation… The Journey was scheduled for 22nd of April to the 27th which would leave us five full days , which in my opinion wasn’t quite enough but to fit into two busy work schedules this was our only option!

We flew Melbourne to Perth on Wedsneday night followed by Perth to Broome .

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Thursday…. We arrived in Broome Thursday morning and spent the morning collecting our camper and visiting what was built up to be one of the best beaches in the world ! Now maybe it was just the dull day that was in it or maybe it was all the amazing beaches I’ve visited over the past 5 years but this beach did not strike me as anything to write home about (despite what I’m doing now !!LOL)

I was particularly disappointed that I couldn’t even get a decent picture of the beach , my best attempt were the two images above .

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Anyway we decided not to devote any more of our precious travel time to Broome and so once we got food in our bellies we hit the road ! It was a five hour drive to our next destination – Port Hedland where we camped at Blackrock tourist park and set off early morning for our next destination , Exmouth.

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Friday…. We set off for Exmouth where we were to experience something that only one in every five million people get to do in their lifetime and that was swimming with WHALE SHARKS !!! Yep you heard me right …whale sharks … the largest fish in the ocean can grow up to a whopping 18meters… need I say more?? Oh and one more vital piece of information – they don’t eat people ! PHEWWW! Because its a full day trip we had to book in for the next mornings excursions when we arrived, places were filling up fast but luckily we got two spots on a boat and we still had time to drive to Cape Range National Park to watch the sunset over Turquoise Bay . That night we stayed in Aspen Parks Big 4 Tourist Park.

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Saturday…. We did our whale shark experience with Exmouth Dive Centre, it was a fantastic experience! A great day out and well worth devoting a precious day of our trip to…

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Unfortunately time was tight and so immediately after our trip we had to set off on the road again to get as close to our next place of interest as possible. Next on the list was Monkey Mia (where you can feed dolphins on the beach!) Because of our time constraints we stretched our driving beyond sunset and into the night . Im sure you’ve heard this warning before (we had!) but i’ll say it again – don’t do it !! Kangaroos ARE a real problem for motorists especially when it gets dark and yes we had an encounter with a Roo , worse still I was doing another massive “no, no”. I was in the camper part of the camper van and so wasn’t wearing a seat belt . The result – a broken table, a bruised shoulder (and ego!) and of course a massive shock to the system . It could’ve been alot worse and it really made me think of those who have had to go through much worse. I did toss up whether to include this in the piece but decided to in the hope that maybe it will stop someone else from doing the same thing and ending up in the same situation …or worse.

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Sunday… Anyway to get back to the trip after our ‘shake up’ we parked up four hours from Monkey Mia at a rest stop in Carnavon ,set an alarm for 6am and drove straight to Monkey Mia . We had read online that they do three feedings on the beach before noon so we thought if we arrived by 10am we’d catch at least one feed- we were wrong.

I was devasted. Fortunatelty for us I seem to attract good vibes and my dolphin pal must of sensed that because before long she was up shoreside with me . Her name was Nicki and she even posed for a picture! It was amazing and most definitely better than the scheduled feedings which can have hundreds of people to roughly five dolphins and only a handful of people are lucky enough to feed!

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Monday… We drove three hours to Lancelin which is a popular place for sand boarding and something Darren really wanted to do. We hired two boards for two hours and hit the slopes … and by slopes i mean sand dunes ! It was a BLAST! Although the negatives were sand billowing at the top of the dunes into my eyes and the steep upward climb after each race to the end it certainly was a workout.. From Lacelin we drove back to Perth where we had to return the camper at 3pm . Our trip was coming to an end. Luckily we had taken out the better option for insurance on the camper and so we just lost our excess ($250) and a processing fee for claims ($75) We were very lucky!! And in light of this I recommend anyone else in this position to do the same !

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My favourite pictures from this brief little adventure trip are the sunset images I took in various places on the coast on slow shutter speed … I love this affect! What about you?

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Has anyone reading ever done this trip?? Want to know anything about the trip that I haven’t mentioned .. or just some advice on travelling in general leave a comment below and ill get back to you,



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  1. Craig

    Hey, great blog post 🙂 Going to do the whale shark diving myself, anymore info on it? I’ve seen some poor pictures from it but yours look great, did you take them yourself or get them on the day from the photographer there? Where’s the best place to see the sunset/rise or did you just do this at turquoise bay? Probably silly questions but TIA

    • B

      Hi Craig , Not silly questions at all but sounds like you’ve done your research ! The whale Shark diving was amazing so, absolutely -do it !! You’ll see in alot of the packages from the tour operators include photos in the package – these underwater pictures were from their go pro -just bring a USB ! Some charge extra for the pictures /video , the tour that we went with does charge for the video but we didn’t get that anyway! I would advise booking a day or two in advance if possible -we just booked the night before and our first choice was already fully booked (this was a company recommended on trip advisor ) never-the-less we had a fantastic experience and were very impressed with the tour we did! Turquoise Bay was a great spot to watch the sunrise/sunset. I couldn’t name any other places in particular because as we were so pushed for time we just made every effort to get to a beach area along the way but this sometimes wasn’t possible on the road ! The drive is beautiful though albeit quite long !!! Hope this all helps Craig – any more questions dont hesitate to ask !! x B

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