Branch Out

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When I was first contacted by Tam from Branched Marketing , I was really interested in what she had to say about a company she works with -Wewood Watches . As the conversation progressed she introduced me to the two … Continued

Knits and Knots

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TREND ALERT ! As the cold winter nights are creeping in here in Australia ,so too are the most gorgeous knits to ever grace the high street stores, along with a hot new trend – the knot ! Tying a … Continued

One Top – Two Ways

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If theres one thing I love more than clothes its multi -way clothes . I may or may not have made up that phrase but if you dont already know what I mean by it , let me explain…. My … Continued


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Kiniswimwear allows Kustomers Kustomize (sorry couldn’t help it!) their very own swimwear piece. Their service allows customers to design their own swimwear from the style to the print and all added frills in between from the comfort of their own … Continued

Drop it like its Hot

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The Drop Crotch trend is one that has sprung – or should I say slung into my life in recent months. I first consciously came across the trend during my time travelling in Asia in 2010 , where everyone and … Continued


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