Trend Report: Styling the Choker !

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Trend Report: Styling the Choker ! 

Hi guys and gals today I wanted to do a piece on a new trend that has taken the world by storm! (AGAIN!) Thats the choker trend.. Some of you may remember its popularity in the 90’s and those of you young enough not to remember- lucky you!!!  Anyway I loved it then and I love it now!


This is just a quick little piece on a choker I picked up and what I styled it with! It may or may not give you some outfit inspiration. Here’s hoping it does !


I think tight fitted dresses/tops look great on a preggo belly! Like if you really want to show off the bump knock yourself out with one of these babies (excuse the pun!) I actually (in search of two specific style dresses for my bump shoot (happening soon!eeeeekkkK!) picked this up in a charity shop! I have always been a bit of a charity shop snob, I know I know thats terrible!! Obviously I give to charity all the time , I just always had this I’d never be caught dead in one kind of attitude ! Anyway , obviously i’m trying to change this and me buying this dress was a HUGE step in the right direction!


The choker (which is what were talking about here afterall) I picked up in Penneys . It was an amazing 4Euro! Done!! I also picked up this lovely little hair tie in Penneys too and I think it was 2Euro!


These glasses are Kardashian Kollection and I sold them from my Australian Boutique. Now i’m posting and selling the stock I have left on my facebook linked here.


The bag is Michael Kors and I don’t know about you but I have been turned off Michael Kors in the last couple of years but when I saw this bag I thought it really was beautiful and not at all like the typical Michael Kors styles you see everywhere, so I had to get it !


Finally the boots !!! I love the boots !! I picked these up in Penneys too believe it or not! I think they were 24Euro. Im thrilled with the quality of them and i’ve got so many compliments on them already!



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