Dear Santa… its me again!


Dear Santa ,

Its me ,Blathnaid, How are you?? Listen I know its late, things have been hectic the last few weeks and all so heres my list ! Its better late than never though right?? So I think i’ve been a really good girl this year and i’m sure you’ll agree I deserve to be on the nice list! Anyway heres my wishlist this year ! Id be happy with ANYTHING off this list although good luck getting the Gwen Stefani Palette (as its sold out in Waterford)…

My Christmas Wishlist :

Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Eye Palette - Get Lippie (2)

1.) Urban Decays Gwen Stefani Palette image c/o Get Lippy ..

Its 46Euro in Debenhams Santa just incase you’ll be shopping there !!

RI Skirt1

2.) River Island Skirt

And this is 43Euro in River Island Santa but a voucher will do !!


3.) Sonos Speakers Play 1

In white Santa please to match my new minimal decor…  this is 229Euro so I can only hope i’ve been good enough this year !


4.) Inglot Gel Liner in 77

Inglot Limited Edition Gel Eyeliner Set (including their Gel Liner 77 (which I’ve wanted for ageeeeeees) , 31T Brush and Inglots Magical Eye Makeup Remover) This is only 30Euro which is really good if you ask me !! These are the kind of looks you can create with this magical eyeliner ..


5.) Blank Canvas Cream Contour Palette

This Blank Canvas Cream Contour Concealer Palette is 19.95Euro Santa , please and thanks Santa …

blank canvas cosmetics contour

6.)  Pippa For Blank Canvas Brushes and Palette 

This Gift Box including brushes rates highly on my list, ive linked it to the name and its 89.99.


Im not sure if your Elves make cosmetics Santa but if they do your pretty much sorted this year when it comes to me ! I hope you’ve a pleasant journey tomorrow night. I’ll be sure to leave out the usual mince pies and all that lark ! 

Cheers Santa !!!

Thanks in advance

Blathnaid x

P.S – We all think your some man, getting around the world in one night and all that !!

P.P.S – If you’ve any questions on any of the above mentioned or anything else please leave me a message below xx



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