#DeiseBloggersFullFaceChallenge using only whats in our goody bags!

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#DeiseBloggersFullFaceChallenge using only whats in our goody bags!


Hi Ladies ,

After our Deise Bloggers Event on Sunday, to read more about it click here-  Mad Hatters Tea Party , each one of us was homeward bound laden down with five full gift bags and I don’t know about the rest of the girls but I certainly thought where do I begin? haha! We had some amazing sponsors who were good enough to send us all products to review and after looking through the bags I thought – we probably have enough variety here to do a full face of makeup from start to finish. So that was it for me , challenge excepted! And thats how the #DeiseBloggersFullFaceChallenge came about!

So i got busy picking out the products I needed for my look.


Prepping the skin:

Glove your Body Dual Facial Cleansing and Exfoliation Pad

Bioderma make up removing micelle solution.



Primer: Urban Decay (I used ‘Sin’ because I was going for a sparkly metallic look)

Base: NYX Sex Kitten Bimbo

Brush: Nima ‘Nichola’

Eyeliner: I used two, one on my lid(which i also applied in my crease and smoked out) The Body Shop Smoky Eye Definer.

And one on and below my waterline : Wet and Wild in turquoise.

Mascara : Since I didn’t have any false lashes in my goody bags I decided to combine the three mascaras for a fuller look . I used the Isadora Long Lash and the Flashing Volume by Isadora combined with the art deco All in 1 Mascara.

Brows: On my brows I used one simple product and I loved it! The BodyShop 3 in 1 brow definer. It was fantastic not only was it precise on my brows but theres also a side on it to ‘carve out your brows’ with a highlighting effect! Genius!



Neo Strata Ultra Smoothing Cream Moisturiser

Foundation:  Isadora Nude Sensation

Concealer: I used the Vichy Dermablend to conceal as its heavier than the Isadora foundation.

Brush: The Flawless foundation brush.


Contouring : (This also happens to be my favourite part!) We were lucky enough to get our hands on these “Most Wanted” contouring palettes which aren’t out until September, they come in two tones ‘warm’ and ‘cool’ , lucky enough I got the warm tone palette as I think that would definable suit my skin better. If you saw my Snapchat yesterday you will see how impressed I am with this ‘wonder product’. Why? Well…. I have four contouring palettes already (yes four!) Two powder palettes and two cream palettes and not one of them has a blush in them! Most don’t have the’strobing’ powder either, which means the need to go out and buy a blush and highlighter separately and we all know that can amount to about 35euro anyway! This palette will retail at a little over that and you will have three full sized bronzers , a highlighter, a blush and a strobing powder! RESULT!


Lips: For the lips I was feeling a little experimental (or just mental!) The Wet n WIld Mega Slicks gloss gives a lovely shimmery peachy colour ideal for day time wear. However I was feeling a little adventurous and curious and wanted to see what colour the combination of the two would achieve on the lips! And by the way the NYX pencil is an ‘eye pencil’ if you want to get technical but I never was one to follow the rules so I’m not about to start now! Anyway this was the result . A Metallicy purple- it was fab and really reminded me of the urban decay metallics collection!



This was the finished look I achieved from only the products in my goody bags. It was a lovely challenge and I would like to challenge the other #deisebloggers to do the #DeiseBloggersFullFaceChallenge. I think it will be interesting to see the different looks the girls come up with especially because some are make up artists and all are very talented individuals!! For those who are adventurous enough to do the challenge remember to #DeiseBloggersFullFaceChallenge so the rest of us can find you! Keep an eye on the hashtag guys and let us know what you think of our looks ….


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