My Easilocks Hair Extensions

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My Easilocks Hair Extensions


Hey guys n gals ,

Just a little piece on my new Easilocks extensions which I loveeeeee by the way!!! Haha if you follow me on snap chat @wildflowerDblog or Instagram (stories) you’ll be fed up of me going on about these bloody extensions but I am just so impressed, I swear! They really are a lovely (super quick) way for you to change your appearance so easily. I find the long bouncy curls instantly add a touch of glamour to your look!

I have worn them twice since I got them last week simply because I love them and they are so so super easy to just clip in! One day I actually wore them without curling my hair (I dont think this is actually how they recommend you wear them!LOL) but it was my lazy way of doing it and i just tied my hair in a messy pony and VOILA ! Insant laid back glam.



The Easilocks Display At Waterford Health Park Pharmacy.

My ‘before ‘ picture – Vom I know !!! 


This is the piece I have in , its called ‘The Red Carpet Easi In ‘ .


Check out the beautiful natural looking Balayage piece I got. Who knew you could get such natural looking clip ins?


Myself and Lisa (Cuddles and Contouring) just happened to be in the Waterford Health Park Pharmacy the day Fiona was in doing demos with Easilocks and we were both intrigued so naturally we got involved. One thing led to another and the two of us left the pharmacy with a full head of bouncy curls each and some of the new Flique goodies also from Easiocks and Charlotte Crosby (Geordie Shore). Needless to say both of us were smiling from ear to ear. I was intending on doing a little piece on The Waterford Health Park Pharmacy featuring Easilocks anyway, now I also have a beautiful hairpiece that deserves its moment in the spotlight! Anyway heres how the lovely Fiona did my hair.


She first had to match my hair exactly (which she did perfectly!), then she started by curling my own hair. The tool she used was amazing – it was a two in one tool perfect for holidays- it can straighten and curl all in one and I’ve decided I really want it !! Lol. God help us!



A couple of little action shots curteousy of Lisa snapping away on my camera- I think she has a new found talent for photography actually !! haha – go on Lisa !!!



Just check this out !!! I was seriously doubtful that I’d be able to have extensions in my hair the way it is now… Its half natural half bleach! Its just crazy that this piece matches my own hair so perfectly. Annnnnnd its actually the colour Vogue Williams uses … I’ve been told I look like her …from the back !!! haha … I’ll take it !



The Colour Im wearing here is “080 Lightest/Biscuit/Sand Vanilla’ and its 20” long.


Thats it anyway guys n gals if you’ve any questions on this or any of my other posts then please get in touch …
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