My Fall Favourites from the Beauty World.

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My Fall Favourites

Hello my make up lovin junkies !

You’re gunna love all the beautiful make up in this piece ! I do…hence the title ‘My Fall Favourites’ ! Do I ever say Fall? No ! Never ! But it works for this!! Whats that called ?… Alliteration! Apparently alliteration emphasises the topic so here it is – “My Fall Favourites” or “My Autumn Favourites” for the rest of you!  Basically I’m doing this piece to highlight some of the make up items i’ve been loving the past few weeks/months. I always take inspiration from other bloggers and make up gurus when it comes to buying make up and so I wanted to share a few things i’m loving lately with you!


First up is one I had heard heaps about (via beauty bloggers and make up gurus alike!) and I was just dying to try it out! Thats the ‘Luminous Silk Foundation’ from Giorgio Armani. I got this in shade 3.5 . The consistency of this is quite liquidy in comparision to other foundations that I have that can be quite thick! I wasn’t sure how I was going to get on with it but I soon discovered the coverage was very buildable and it soon won me over! What I love most about this foundation is the healthy glow it gives your skin! This is a product i’m very proud to have in my collection and I would recommend for anyone to consider it when purchasing a new foundation! Giorgio Armani Beauty retails at €45.00 and is available exclusively at Brown Thomas Dublin, Limerick and Cork and online at Brown Thomas .


Next up is a product I have been loving for years now! You could say its a long term love affair! This product is THE product that I buy everytime I go through duty free at the airport. It is literally the best mascara you will ever come across. Its called the false lash effect and its not just a name – its a promise. This mascara promises to give users the illusion of wearing false lashes -only better because you’re not actually wearing them! I actually came across this mascara yearssssss ago when I asked a girl I knew was she wearing false lashes and she let me in on her secret and that was – yes- this YSL false lash effect mascara. Anyway I definately recommend if you’re in the market for a new mascara picking this one up! It retails at €32.50 and is available online and instore at Debenhams (linked here).


Next up are these brushes from Cocoa Brown. I love finding multiple uses for things I own and so when I got these lovely ‘tontouring’ brushes I knew I was going to enjoy putting them to the test in other ways. I found heaps of uses for these brushes. My favourites were :

Using the T1 for tanning my hand. ( *my tip : I would also brush some hand cream hands following the tan application!)

Using T1 for spreading some body shimmer on chest before going out.

Using the T2 for ‘baking’! I found the T2 really packs on the product and its so precise that your baking will never get any better… Just don’t forget to blend it in after !!

Using the T2 for strobing/highlighting the cheekbones and collar bones.

Apart from the multiple uses above I found both brushes good for make up application. The T1 is great for spreading the foundation flawlessly across your face and the T2 is great for cream contouring / highlighting.

Cocoa Brown is Available in Boots, Penneys, Meaghers and most leading Pharmacies around the country.


This little beauty from essence must be the thinnest most precise eyeliner I’ve ever used which makes that all important ‘wing’ very achievable. Because of that its earned its place here on my Fall Favourites. You can purchase Essence make up in Penneys or most Pharmacies around the country.



This little product is great , its the Eraser Eye from Maybelline. It has a twisty top and a little sponge on top which makes application easy. I find it great just to dab on over foundation to cream highlight/conceal the under eye area. I bought mine in boots. You can check it out here.


The foundations below are ones I’ve been wearing day in and day out for a lovely natural ‘day time’ look.  The Paese ‘Long cover fluid’ and the Catrice “HD Liquid Coverage give that perfect day time look! I wanted to include them in this piece because not only are they lovely foundations but I have a tip for you if like me you have some foundations that are too pale for your skin. You might remember I was sent this Artistry foundation a few months ago and to be honest at the time (except for the odd cream contour here and there) I didn’t know what to do with it! (As its obviously way too dark for my skin.) Now its my absolute saviour!!! Its probably my most used foundation actually and thats because I’m mixing it with all my ‘light’ foundations to make the perfect shade for me.  So tip #2 never throw out a foundation because its too light/dark for you, rarely will you have the perfect shade for your complexion so take my advice and get mixing!



Last but definately not least is the techic Stobe kit and ‘Get Gorgeous’ Highlight, I couldn’t choose just one of them to include because they are both highlight goals !!!


So thats it my lovelies ! I hope you enjoyed My Fall Favourites as much as I’ve enjoyed all this make up!!!!

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  1. Carrie@The Lavender Hytta

    I love Fall.. It is my favorite season. Although fall is gone here. This is a great list of fall favorites. My fall favorites include warm cozy sweaters, coffee and cute coffee mugs, and a good book.

  2. Marta N.

    omg, you are using so many exclamation marks i can almost hear you 🙂 very energetic post 🙂

  3. Rodanthi Dimou

    I should definitely try the ‘Luminous Silk Foundation’ from Giorgio Armani! As for the YSL false lash effect mascara, I love it, it’s one of my favorites. Thank you for sharing your Fall favorites, great selections. 🙂

  4. Ana

    Fall is my favorite and I totally loved your Autumn favorites! I’ve Eraser Eye from Maybelline and it’s great!

  5. Jennifer L

    I’ve been wanting to try Catrice products, but i hear really good things. Thanks for sharing your fall favorites, going to check out a few of these.

  6. Elizabeth O.

    These items sound amazing! I would love to give that eyeliner a try since most of the days, it’s all that I have on.

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