Februarys Tries n’ Buys

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Hi Everyone !

I decided to introduce a new monthly segment to the blog on the months ‘tries’ -which are things i’ve been sent to try out and see how I get on. (I will also report back to you with recommendations from those tries) and buys which are things i’ve bought to try out. If you follow me on Snapchat you will have seen these products already (WildflowerDBlog is my username for those of you who don’t).

This month i’m featuring these fabulous items !


The Emjoi Micro Nail and Micro Pedi for fabulously preened hands and feet! The Micro Pedi package comes with the battery operated device , a micro mineral roller, an instruction booklet and a cleaning brush (batteries not included in this device) . In the Micro Nail however there are 2AA batteries included, two micro smooth rollers and two micro shine rollers. (I’m guessing this is for buffing!) I’m looking forward to trying out these bad boys and having the best hands and feet around .


Im excited to try the Viviscal Hair Challenge. Apparently its ‘the secret to beautiful hair’! Yipppeeeee ! My hair just doesn’t grow very fast at all.  I used to have really long hair until I was in my mid teens when I decided it was a great idea to chop it all off and get the Jennifer Aniston Layered look. Anyway since then its never been the same and i’m constantly growing it. Im hoping this little box is the helping hand I need !I will update you on my progress in the coming months. (This supply is for the next three months) . If you are interested in trying the Viviscal hair challenge, these supplements are available from Boots, leading Pharmacies Nationwide and the Viviscal Website.


I was thrilled when I got my hands on these Ziaja goodies, i’ve been dying to try this brand as i’ve heard so many good things about them! The best thing is their price point is so affordable anyone can try them! Because the Jasmine range is best suited for mature skin (50+) I gave them to my mum to try out. The range contains hydrolaunic acid (which is amazing for fine lines and wrinkles) and she’s loving it so far. I’ve kept the goats milk hair mask with keratin and have already got one use out’ve it and I have to say i’m impressed!! Looking forward to combining this with my Viviscal hair challenge and having fabulous hair ! The Ziaja skincare/haircare range is available online from Original Beauty and from Pharmacies Nationwide.


Also from Ziaja were these goodies which i’ve been enjoying since the day I opened the package!These beautiful facemasks! Each pouch contains enough cream to do 2-3 masks (although they don’t say that on the package but thats what i’ve been getting from them!) and better still they only cost 69c each, thats about 23c a face mask by my standards. They are so creamy too, I can feel them really hydrating my skin! They are available online from Original Beauty and from Pharmacies Nationwide.


I am so excited to try out these beauty supplements Truvivity by Nutrilite (after lots of research on ingredients etc I’m now happy and confident putting them into my body! I wouldnt put anything into my body unless I thought it would benefit me- apart from the usual chocolate, pizza exceptions!)This is a whole new approach to skincare with food supplements: the theory is we should first address inner well-being and work from the inside out towards more radiant skin.

IMG_1551The supplements contain Vitamins A , C and Zinc. It brings a whole new meaning to ‘true beauty comes from within.’ The supplements retail at 85Euro and the Beauty Powder Drink was 47Euro.


Im super excited to try out this range of Organic Surge Goodness. I love that 99% of the ingredients are from natural origin. I got the ‘Perfecting Face Polish’ , the ‘Ultra Light Oil Control Lotion’ and the ‘Blissful daily moisturiser’ so I’ve a new skincare routine to look forward to as well as a new hair care overhaul to put in place , I’ll update you all on how I’m going on Snapchat and might do a blog post with results in a couple of months when i’ve had enough time to really try them!


Last but not least this was something I purchased this month – The Dr Bronner’s Eucalyptus pure-castille bar soap, I saw the tea tree version of this on Diane Everetts Snapchat (dianeeverettmua) and decided to give this a whirl for cleaning my make up brushes. Diane said she used the liquid version of this so when I saw this one in TK Maxx I couldn’t resisit- it was 3.99euro so for that price its certainly worth a try. Again will let you know how I get on with it on snapchat and possibly here too!

Anyway Lovelies they are my Tries n’ Buys for the month of Feb- I hope you enjoyed xx

Would love to hear if you’ve tried out any of them already and what you thought , otherwise drop me a line with any questions and i’ll get back to you as soon as I can,

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  1. Liz

    The micro pedi is great for the feet ive been using it for over a year and its the best purchase i have ever made and its so easy to easy

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