My festival inspired nails

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My festival inspired nails


I happened upon these nails kinda by accident actually! I was preparing to do an ombre nail using pink and coral nail polish (pictured) . It was a look I saw on Primarks Facebook and thought id like to recreate it! Anyway I started doing so and once I got as far as painting my nails with the coral colour I had gone too dark for the pink to stand out I think. Plus I really was liking the coral and white !!! lol


So heres the materials I needed for these quick n easy festival inspired nails.


And heres what I did to achieve my quick n easy festival inspired nails.

Step 1 : File Nails to desired length / shape.

Step 2: Paint nails white . (I found this essence white colour really showed up the coral on top !) Plus its cheap and cheerful, its available in Penneys and lots of pharmacies nationwide. Let dry.


Step3: Paint over nails in colour of choice (mine was a bright summery coral) Let dry.


Step 4: Paint a thin strip of white onto one of the latex wedges (pictured below) and dab onto the base of the nail (where your cuticle is) Let dry and VOILA! 


Step 5: Now all you need to do is take a ‘Q-tip’ dipped in nail varnish remover and clean up around the edges.

Thats pretty much it, its a very basic procedure but gives a nice little effect on the nails.


Is anyone going to Electric Picnic this year???or any other festivals?? I would absolutely love to be !!…Maybe next year … post baby!!haha


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