(G)love Your Body !

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(G)love Your Body


Hey, Hey Guys n Gals,

Since our Deise Bloggers Event Mad Hatters Tea Party- see post here ! I’ve been using and loving the Glove Your Body Treat Me Trio. Whats in the Glove Your Body Treat me Trio you may ask? Its made up of the Glove Your Body Tan Application Mitt, the Scrub Your Body Exfoliating Mitt and the Dual Facial Cleansing & Exfoliating Pad, this trio pack invites you to treat your face and body to the skincare it deserves! Its a main ingredient for a total body pamper if you ask me!! If you’d like to check out this gift pack you can view it here Glove Your Body Trio . It retails at 24.99 and its oh so worth it! Each of these products promises to last for multiple applications, scrubs, cleanses , exfolitaions, you name it!


I knew from the first moment I laid my eyes on the Tan Application Mitt that it was going to be a long and happy relationship! The leopard print for one ! Yes please !!! The quality of the glove is like none i’ve ever seen (not to sound too dramatic!) but seriously if you get the chance to pick one up have a good feel of it and you’ll see , its thick soft material promises a lifetime of beautiful , flawless fake tan application! From further inspection you will notice another huge brownie point scorer (if thats even a thing!)4G5A4780

The glove has an interior which will allow the wearer to use on the right and left hand , massive result in my eyes! It also allows for an easy smooth application of your chosen tan. The tan I used here was Karora tan , like i said on my instagram I’m loving the colour it gives me! Karora were good enough to sponsor our Mad Hatters Event for Pieta House and include some of their beautiful tans in our blogger goody bags. Thanks Karora!! You can check out all their gorgeous goodies here Karoras site. I already know what I want to try next- their CC Cream!! I’ve been dying to try it and see does it live up to its promise for even skin tone and a subtle glow- sounds good to me!



The Glove Your Body Scrub Your Body Exfoliating Mitt now has a happy home in my shower where its used twice a week to exfoliate and freshen up my skin and I can honestly say my skin has never felt softer and more nourished! The exfoliation / removal of dry skin from your body allows your body to be more receptive to whatever body oil/ moisturiser your about to treat it with and so it paves the way for some seriously soft skin! Ive been using the ZIAJA orange body scrub with my Exfoliating Mitt and its worked a treat ! Following a good scrub I lather on one of my ZIAJA moisturisers- either the Natural Olive Body Lotion or this lotion from the SLIM range – ZIAJA Body Serum SLIM Thanks ZIAJA! You can also check out the body exfoliator here ZIAJA shower scrub . Next on my ZIAJA ‘to buy list’ is the Cocoa Body Butter -looks divine!



Lastly the (G)love Your Body Dual Facial Cleansing & Exfoliating Pad is a two in one product , so really the pack provides you with not three but four wonder products!  I use both the facial cleansing side of the pad and the exfoliating side with my Tomitago products. Their Cleaser is fab used as a face mask and left to soak into the skin for 20 + minutes , then using the exfoliating side of the pad circular motions help in exfoliating the skin leaving the face so incredibly soft that again allows for the soakage of whatever oil or moisturiser your planning on putting on your face!


Tomitagos facial cleansing oil feels amazing rubbed onto the skin in upwards circular motions with the flip side of the pad (the cleansing pad). After doing one or both of the above I love nothing more than adding either the beautiful Tomitago Elixir or oil to the face for some serious soakage! You can browse through all their fab products here Tomitago site .


I’m a serious Tomitago fan since I got my hands on some of their goodies a few weeks ago, my skin has never felt better! So you can expect a review of the products I’ve got and what I find good about them soon. I’ll link this review here but for now “(G)love Your Body” guys and gals,


Thats all for now ladies and gents, I hope you enjoyed this post and possibly got something from it! If you’ve any questions on this or any of my other posts then please get in touch …

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