Our Home Exchange experience

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Our Home Exchange experience.. Saint Augustine, Florida

Hi Everyone !

This piece is a few weeks in the making. I started writing it in Florida (on our Home Exchange). I’ve been asked alot about the Home Exchange and how it works, so here’s everything I can think of that you should know if you’re considering a Home Exchange.


(Below is our Home Exchange holiday home)

To begin with Home Exchange is something I had heard about but I didn’t know alot about . How it came about for us was almost by accident. I spotted cheap flights to America in the January sales and literally jumped on them… thought later. Yep , so I was left with flights booked for a three week holiday flying into Florida and out of New York and not a whole lot of money! OOOOOPS! So I got thinking and had heard of the whole home exchange concept before but knew literally NOTHING about it.


(This was the entrance hall)

Where to begin!

The thing that set the ball rolling for us was finding (and signing up to) a good home exchange website. After some research we signed up for both homeexchange.com (its a paid subscription for about 130 a year but with a free two week trial) and Guesttoguest.com was the other. This one was free but after reading some reviews we quickly realised we may not have much luck on that one! The reason being is there are so many dormant accounts. Unfortunately because its free people don’t bother de-activating their accounts when they’re no longer looking to exchange. Anyway it was game on once we created our profile on home exchange and sent out some enquiries.


(This is the first room you see when you walk into the home)


(This is the living area from another angle)


(This was our bedroom, as you can see there were no curtains!! Darren made ‘curtains’ for us out of bedsheets instead, haha , problem solved !)








Home Exchanging is a growing trend now among holiday makers . There are many reasons its becoming a more popular way of holidaying. Among them are:

1. The cost : Its definitely a cheaper option. Case in point ,our three week holiday to Florida/New York. Rather than paying $100 plus a night we’re saving the majority of that by doing a home exchange in Florida. We left it too late to sort a home exchange for New York but if we had sorted that too we’d be saving over $2500 on accommodation costs. A cost you might have to bear (we chose to) is the cleaning of your own home before you leave and the cleaning of their home when you leave.


2.  Its like a home away from home. By that I mean you’d have all the amenities you normally take for granted in our own home- large fridge, freezer, oven, hobs, grill,  cupboards, couch, tv …the list goes on. Basically you can do most if not all of the things you would normally do in your own home without being restricted to one room like in a hotel. Being able to cook/prepare your own food is another huge cost saver and a great option to have whilst on holiday!

3. You’re getting a more genuine /authentic experience in an area. In short you’re living like the locals!

As a last point I will say we have found it really good with the baby. When we put him to bed we’re not confined to the one room like we would be in a hotel. We really did reap the rewards of doing the home exchange from 7-11(ish) when we got to go relax and enjoy the peace  rest of the house!

(The Kitchen)

(This is the room we spent most of our nights watching TV)

Anyway Guys n Gals , I hope you found this post helpful and as always if you’ve any questions on home exchange or anything else please get in touch on any of my social media below!





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