Packing the Hospital Bag

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Packing the Hospital Bag

Hey Everyone,

I thought i’d do this post because it’s taken some time and research on my behalf in order to pack my Hospital Bag. Hopefully it will in turn help some of you out when it comes to packing for the hospital stay! I compiled my list from mulitple hospital bag lists online and multiple sources , I picked and chose what I thought i’d need or want to have and Voila ! This is what I’ve come up with.


Firstly I love lists so I thought it was really important to compile a list of my own. I also get a great sense of achievement out’ve ticking stuff off the list . So this was my list! And this was just the stuff I needed for me- baby had a whole other list!!! haha! I did go and leave out some of the items on the list like earplugs and small hairdryer because I just don’t think i’ll use them. Even with the items i’ve packed I think I probably have far too much but i’d rather be over prepared than underprepared in any case.


For the labour….


This is called a TENS machine for those of you who don’t know. Its supposed to help with the pain in the early stages of labour. I put new batteries in it and bought new pads (electrodes) so we’re all set to go! The TENS itself is €60 to buy in boots and i’ll link it here for anyone interested. Boots Babycare TENS Machine. You can also rent one in boots but that costs €45.75 anyway so you’re probably as well to buy it! You can check out the rental one here! 



So nightwear is key here and not just that, but comfy nightwear. When Mothercare had a sale in the summer I picked up these pj’s and dressing gown sets. I also went into Penneys and picked up the torquoise nightdress since it goes so well with the dressing gown too! haha, Freak I know!!! And although Penneys had loads of lovely cosy Ugg- like slippers, I went for these because I thought they will be easy to slip on and off the feet!


Underwear Advice – if you intend on getting the epidural (or even if you don’t- its still a possibility!) then warm cosy socks are advised because when you’re not moving around your feet can get cold. I picked these lovely furry ones up in TK MAXX. For Knicks you can buy disposable undies , use old ones or just buy a cheap pair of comfy ones. I chose the cheap comfies from Penneys, I bought them in a size thats probably ‘way bigger than i needed’ but I’d rather that than them be uncomfortable. They can also double as a parachute when baby’s born for us to make a quick hospital exit !! (jokes!) The bras I chose are nursing bras because I’d like to breastfeed when the baby’s born. And yes all the underwear matches for a reason – i’m a freak like that!


Now here comes the fun – maternity pads, breast pads , nipple cream ! All those things that never crossed your mind pre-pregnancy !!! A few links below for your convenience !

Boots selection of Maternity Pads.  As you can see I picked up my Maternity pads in tesco but you can also see the nursing pads I bought above here for € 7.99 .

Boots selection of Nipple Cream. You can see the one I have here for € 14.99.



Packing the baby bag was the easy bit! It helped that it was so much more enjoyable than packing gigantic knickers and maternity pads etc.. I got a tip to separate babys outfits and each item they would need to make up one outfit into separate Ziplock bags. And thats exactly what I did! It makes sense though, try asking your partner (first time dads especially!) to hand you a babygrow! A baby-whaaaa??  Exactly !


This is what each bag looked like when it was packed. I packed 5 of them, so again i’m sure i’ve probably overpacked, but anyway!

Each bag contains:

A couple of nappies (I included newborn sizes and the next size up-Just incase i’ve a buster !!!)

Cotton Pads (for nappy changes -to dip in warm water)

A Vest

A Babygrow

A Hat

Gloves (only needed if not attached to babygrow)


Other items I packed in my hospital bag were :


  • My birth plan. I have a birth plan because as part of the Dominos programme they asked us to write one but I think its really important to understand that its just a plan and you need to be flexible!!!
  • Massage oil just incase Darren wants to make himself useful!!!
  • Birthing ball.


  • Lip balm. Apparently your lips can get very dry on the labour ward especially if you’re on the gas and air.
  • Hairband/Hair brush.
  • Pillows. (Im going to take my donut pillow in which will also be good for feeding baby when he/she arrives!)
  • Shampoo / Conditioner/ Shower Gel (as you can see I bought the travel set from Penneys to fill up the Shamp/Cond/Shower Gel that I wanted)
  • Toothbrush/ toothpaste– I was saving my uber cool Sonic Chic toothbrush for such an occasion!
  • Towel (they advise a dark coloured towel:use your imagination here!) / facecloths
  • Cotton Buds and Miscellar water (this is what I was advised to clean my eyelash extensions with!)
  • Eau Thermale from Uriage- a  great way to keep your skin hydrated in the hospital as all it takes is a quick spray and it hydrates the skin.
  • Arnica Tablets – recommended for bruising post delivery, however in the health food shop they told me to take them a few days before and this would help to heal faster after so i’m doing that now! Hope it works!





Well there you go ladies (and gents possibly?) , thats my hospital bag checklist , I hope you get something from it.

I’ll be sure to update you post-baby and let you know what I really needed and what I didn’t need afterall!

Thanks for reading, If you’ve any questions get in touch on any of my socials or pop them in the comments below!





Or Snap me – My Snapchat is ‘WildflowerDblog’ !



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  1. Shirley

    Very helpful post. My sister is going to be mom soon. I will definitely share your post with her. It is good for her to go through this post. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Nina

    Wow, you’re so prepared! That’s awesome! Here’s to hoping this helps everything go as smoothly as it can!


  3. Sudeepta Pradhan

    Very helpful post. In such emergency one definitely misses out on lot of stuff. This article helps in that front

  4. Joanna

    You are a very well prepared future mom. I don’t know how many women actually prepare and think about a hospital bag before it’s already too late. I had no idea that there was a machine that helps you with the pain and that you can actually rent it from Boots. That’s brilliant actually.

  5. Paula

    Such a good list! I’m far from even thinking about getting pregnant, but for sure will remember some of this for when I do 🙂

  6. Claire

    Cotton pads for baby’s first nappy= not so practical even though it’s what they tell you to bring. There may be no warm water handy and the first poo is like tar, so hard to remove with cold water. Like you I had a well prepared bag but this was my one oversight, for the hospital I would really recommend a pack of waterwipes and use cotton and water at home. Congrats and good luck!

  7. Ana

    Thanks for sharing the packing list. I don’t have kids and didn’t know that so much preparation is required for packing hospital bag.

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