Spotlight on Irish baby boutique

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Irish baby boutique

Hey hey guys n gals,

As you all know by now i’m expecting…. really soon now too! I’m 38wks right now and the time is flying in!!! As you may have seen by now (probably on my Snapchat ‘WildflowerDBlog’ ) I get sooo excited when I get baby deliveries! Not only does it make it all the more real but lets face it…. baby things are the cutest!!!! Anyway recently i’ve been discovering some fabulous Irish companies that were new to me (in the hunt for beautiful baby bits!). One such company is the fabulous . I even had the pleasure of chatting to Vicki (co-owner of Babyboo)! I asked Vicki a couple of things about the BabyBoo and heres what she said.

Below are some of BabyBoo’s popular bandana bibs- you can check out their bandana bibs here !

Whats more they are such good value at only 3 for €12 , 6 for  €21 and 10 for €32.50!!


1. Who are the brains behind
Me, Vicki and my friend Michelle – we have known each other over 20 years now since we were in college together and are more like sisters than friends. I work in digital marketing and analytics with websites which is obviously a huge help to the business and Michelle has a HR background and is super organised so she keeps everything else ticking over.


2. Where did the inspiration come from to set up such a company?
My daughter Ruby had very bad silent reflux and eczema and I found it hard to find a bib that fitted well while soaking up the acid reflux and not aggravating her skin. I was buying in bibs from the states and the UK and then it just clicked that if I was finding it so hard there was a market of parents out there in need of drool busting bibs!


3. What sets you apart from other online companies?
The functionality of our products, we design based on things we wish we had had for our kids (or have in my case) – that might be detachable sleeves on a sleeping bag, a zip that little fingers can’t reach to escape or in the case of the bibs a newborn size with a teeny little neck so it’s fits snugly. Our designs are the other thing, we have our own designer so they are all unique to us and we always ask our customers opinion with designs, we like to include our customers where we can so everyone feels they own a little piece of babyboo.


4. Where in Ireland is your company based ?
The real capital – Cork


5. When was born?
October 2014 – we’re almost 2! (It was conceived in May 2014)


6. What steps are taken in the production of your popular bandana bibs?
We have a fantastic manufacturer in Turkey.


7. You recently hit 20K on Facebook, to what do you owe your online success ?
Word of mouth and a fantastic product – I like to think our customer service sets us apart as well – we have over 200 5 star reviews on Facebook.
8. Do you have any advice to anyone else starting up an online company in Ireland?
Go for it, talk to your LEO and get their advice, build a relationship with your bank and do lots and lots of research before you kick off. But ultimately go for it!
There you go guys and girls! Thats a little about  I love supporting Irish companies, especially when there owned by lovely people like Vicki. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer these questions Vicki and a huge congrats on your success with Babyboo!
And if you have a baby or are buying for a baby this Christmas you HAVE TO HAVE these bibs !!!!
You can check out Baby Boos Website Here !

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