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I first heard about Larimar when I got an email from Daniela from the Larimar team. Daniela asked me would I like to pick a piece from their range and as soon as I got onto their website I knew it was going to be a tough job choosing one piece… I mean everything is amazing ! They have such beautiful pieces. After much deliberation and stalking of their social media I decided on this gorgeous bracelet ! How pretty is it?? Its called the Larimar Hook Bracelet. To check it out as well as the other Larimar goodness available click this link Larimar Bliss .


It arrived in this beautiful box , beautifully packaged.

Funny enough I was sent this bracelet early in my pregnancy ( before I even knew I was pregnant) and after I found out I was pregnant I was talking to Daniela and she actually said that Larimar is great for pregnant women! What a coincidence!! So I did my research and sure enough gemstones are great for a range of things including fertility and pregnancy health!


Since gemstones are dug deep down in caves they are gifted by mother earth. And as such they help us become grounded, centered, and balanced. When we are balanced, we make decisions from our hearts not our heads. We become aware that everything has a divine timing and trust the divine plan of our lives.Worn by a mum-to-be; a gemstone by your side will let your pregnancy smoothly set sail.


Larimar is found only in the Caribbean waters of the Dominican Republic where it’s said to be a part of the legendary Atlantis and it is so named “the Atlantis Stone.” An ancient prophet once declared that what made Atlantis special was its blue gem that bears healing powers. Since the Larimar Stone is created by volcanic activity and is surrounded by the sea, it has harbored both water and fire energies. This combination brings a balance in the contrasting elements and gifts the wearer with the same grounding effect. Thus, it can relieves stress, soothe emotions, and wash negative feelings away – all beneficial to promote a healthy pregnancy.

Complementary to a pregnant woman, it can calm nerves, and bring ultimate relaxation – like being gently carried by the Caribbean waters. And when mommy is happy, the baby is also happy. Larimar also heals pre-eclampsia, high blood pressure, anxiety, and postpartum depression.





Since it’s created by volcanic activity, crystal lovers and spiritual healers also began seeing the gem as a powerful throat chakra stone that aids in expression of emotions and balances water and fire energy. So not only does it have its benefits for pregnant women , its also very beneficial for balancing our energy which we could all benefit from!!



The Larimar Gemstone is a natural boost to a womans innate super powers.  Im so glad I found out about all the benefits of the Larimar stone during pregnancy but after reading the benefits I think this gemstone would actually benefit everyone.



If you do pick one up wear it/ take it with you so you’ll be able to experience a relaxed and healthy pregnancy. With Larimars wide range of jewellery its very easy to get your hands on a piece of that good energy. The only trouble is deciding which piece to get ! Take my word for it -its not easy !! Good luck ladies, If you do pick up a piece let me know , id love to see what you pick… go on make me jealous……… Snap me, tweet me whatever suits ….

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