Its ok not to be ‘ok’…. Sundays Mad Hatters Tea Party and a little chat!

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Its ok not to be ‘ok’…. Sundays Mad Hatters Tea Party and a little chat!


This is a very different piece for me , as well as talking about Sundays #deisebloggers Mad hatters tea party (bit of a tongue twister!) I want to speak about the charity we were all supporting- Pieta House , preventing suicide and self harm. Its such a worthy charity and a topic thats not spoken about enough in my opinion.

Lots of people suffer from depression from those in the spotlight to those less well known but no matter who you are the help is there for those who need it. Ever heard of that phrase a problem shared is a problem halved? Thats so true! Not only is it good to have someone aware of what your going through, it feels good to speak to someone.  If this piece makes a difference to even one person i’ll be so happy! Each and every life is precious thats why we were all so eager to support this great cause.


So a little about the event…  The event was organised as the second #deisebloggers official event, the first of which was held last year (also in the Kazbar). Jodi, Lisa and Rachael (blogs linked below) played a stormer organising the event, from contacting PR companies to spreading the word among the bloggers- what a day was had!!

We arrived at 3pm on Sunday the 7th of August , we were directed up the stairs by some “Mad Hatter” posters , approaching the third floor were some unusual decorations as well as a giant poster to point out the event , see pictures of both .


The combined effort of the Kazbar, the girls and the Pharmacy (Delaneys) shone through immediately as we walked through the door.  Immediately we were greeted by the girls who handed us a card (from a deck of cards, which was later used for a raffle!) , a table full of drinks from mini heinekens (nice touch Kazbar!) to bottles of water – perfect for me and bump! All along the bar were tiny little cupcakes and mini macaroons ! It really was very impressive and so in tune with the theme of a Mad Hatters Tea Party!!!


There were informative talks from skincare brands Nia and Tomitago , as well as demos from Make up artists Danielle Mahon and Niamh Cleary, a hair demo from the talented Lyndsey Kelly and a Q & A from the fabulous Diane Everett..









…..and to top it all off Mulligans Pharmacy had a lovely surprise in store for us! They had pre-made us all blogger ambassador cards using our blog name and a picture from our blog, such a lovely touch! Not only that but as ambassadors to Mulligans Pharmacy we are all entitled to 10% off in store ! Yippeeeee!


The big day was topped off by some overflowing goody bags , (five to be exact!) and a balloon release for Pieta House.


If you follow me on twitter however (, you will see that I got some stick about the balloon release ! The comment went something like this “Even non-latex balloons can be damaging to the environment, where are those Balloons now @wilflowertweet?” … oops! Sometimes you just can’t win , however I think we did more good than harm that day so I’m not going to lose sleep over that!


Im doing another blog post on the amazing goody bags we got so will link that here when its up! It will be linked here when its ready – Mad Hatters Tea Party Goody Bags !


Any questions about the event, if you’d like to get involved in the next event or if your looking for a group of fine ambassadors get in touch, Im pleased to say I know about thirty girls that would be fit for the job!!!


Also please, please remember you are never alone , if you feel like you’ve the weight of the world on your shoulders and need a listening ear please do message me … Sometimes it can help to talk to a ‘stranger’ (never thought id be referring to myself as one but anyway!) you know what I mean… don’t be shy ,

To see the full album of photos from the event and everyone who attended click here- Mad Hatters Tea Party #deisebloggers .

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