Melbourne – Possibly the best city in the World!

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Flinders St Station

Im writing this piece on the plane from Melbourne to Singapore ,on my way home to Ireland (to live…eeeeeekkkk!) That was an unsure/scared/excited eeeeeeekkkkk! Ive called Melbourne home now for nearly five years and I have really loved living there. The only downside for me is that its so far away from my family and friends back home. If it was a few hours flight id live there forever !! Im on drink number two now and funny enough I think its making me think clearer …

Beer Sign

Anyway as the title suggests Melbourne is quite possibly the best city in the world – its certainly my favourite anyway ! I was going to call this piece “If Carlsberg did Cities …” but thought I might need to elaborate on that !! For those of you who don’t know there were some Carlsberg adverts out at one point (I’m not sure if they still do them but I haven’t seen them in years) and the slogan /message was that if Carlsberg did (anything- houses/cars/holidays etc..) they would be the best in the world suggesting their beers are the best in the world etc. Anywayyyyyyyy…. I hope I haven’t lost you on that one !!


Sooooo Melbourne , I came to Melbourne the start of 2011 after a few months travelling South East Asia and part of Australia, including a stint of Farm work !(Don’t ask!) But if you really want to know to get a second year visa its a necessity to complete three months of regional work. Anyway Melbourne was such a welcome change and not only that but such a welcoming city ! Its been voted the most liveable city in the world the last number of years and I couldn’t agree more!

Eureka Towers

Melbourne is the hub of AFL or footie as the Aussies call it- even though for most Irish /English footie means soccer . And so it boasts some pretty amazing stadiums including the MCG , the Etihad, Viscence Arena, Rod Laver Arena. And on that note Melbourne is also home to the Austalian Open which along with the world famous Grand Prix held in Albert Park every year, brings in millions of sports fans annually.

Bird Structure

My favourite things to do in Melbourne are anything from just strolls around the city taking in some of the sites pictured here , from Flinders Street Station to Hozier Lane and the Eureka Towers. For those wanting to do the real tourist things the Sky deck is a must (thats in the Eureka tower) it overlooks the city, I did it when I first came to Melbourne but it wasn’t something I felt the need to do again . Melbourne Star is also a nice thing to do in Melbourne , its similar to the London eye (for those of you who have done that!) Theres the Museum in Carlton Gardens (also in the City) and of course Melbourne Zoo which is further out (Flemington -where the Melbourne Cup is held every November) , If you dont have a car dont worry the Zoo ,like most places in Melbourne is accessible by train/tram.

One of the top things about Melbourne is its fantastic public transport system . You’re never too far from a tram or train or failing that a bus (my least favourite option- also a bus snob- Lol ) !!

Bridge & Water

Theres also some great day trips /weekend getaways close to Melbourne which make it a great place to live . These include Skii getaways (as it is winter now!) in Mt Buller or Mt Baw Baw-both 2-3 hours drive from Melbourne. There are some lovely wine regions – The Yarra Valley and Red hill are two I’ve visited. For a trip to see the Penguins theres Phillip Island – or you could just go down to St Kilda at dusk and you’ll see them there !! And of course theres the Great Ocean Road which is probably the most famous of all, here you can see the twelve apostles (or whats left of them) and visit the beachside towns along the way – Lorne , bells beach etc. On the other hand theres Sorrento (near the winery at Red Hill) which is a lovely little beach town that some Melbournians have holidays homes in – its also a convenient 1.5 hours up the road. And last but certainly not least is one of my favs -the Peninsula Hot Springs also just a quick 1/1.5 hrs up the road !

Wildflower Wanders

If your lucky enough to have visited Melbourne/live in Melbourne let me know… along with anything you like to do in Melbourne . Or if you want to visit Melbourne and have any questions comment below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can..



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    Great post! I’m always so excited when I hear how much people love Melbourne! Helps to reaffirm my decision for picking there over Sydney. Xx

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