My Australian Experience …

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My Australian Experience …


I first came to Australia in 2010 as part of a ’round the world’ trip I was doing . I was teaching in Ireland before this and so I took a career break …for a year …(yes a year)… and here I am five years later ! What kept me here so long? Well a number of reasons really and these factors all add up to make Melbourne my favourite City in the world.


I had already done a bit of travelling in Australia before I came to Melbourne – I spent six weeks or so in Sydney (which totally drained me – time,energy ,money -you name it!) Dont get me wrong Sydney is great ,especially for a visit ,theres heaps to do and see ..its just not somewhere I would want to live(but maybe thats the small-town girl in me!) I had also been to Cairns and travelled down the East Coast with a couple of girlfriends (which was a blast!!).


From there we went onto Brisbane and that was followed by my Stint in Syndey. After Sydney we had to look at our options . (A) We could tackle our dreaded ‘regional work’ or ‘farm work’ as most backpackers call it and earn ourselves some much needed dosh and another year in Australia (our second year visa) or (B) we could chance our luck in another city.


We took option A and braved the farm ! First stop was Quirindi where we started our corn detassling careers (dont ask!!) we spent a few days here until the work dried up and we travelled with the team to Dubbo where we spent another few weeks in the 40 degree heat dragging our tired feet up and down rows and rows of endless corn in long sleeves and leggings – I enjoyed it …can’t you tell?!


Anyway after a few weeks of shit pay and work that was even worse we braved THE WORST JOB IMAGINEABLE! Yes… even worse than the Corn…. we started work in an abetoire was horrible and I hate myself for doing it but times were tough! We worked in the cold room which just involved boxing pre packed meat so not as bad as you’d imagine in an abetoire but I’m one of those uber-hypocrical people who eats meat but hates the thought of it coming from an animal! Totally painting myself as a right bimbo here but hopefully some of you get what I’m saying !? Lol…


Anyway as you can imagine I did not last long fact one day (after about two weeks work) I said to my friend that I just had to get outve there , so thats what I did .. It was like a Russian Roulette with Australian cities because at that point I didn’t know where I wanted to go . All I knew was that I had to get outve there !!

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After some convincing by a lovely girl(Carla) I met a few weeks previously at the Corn , Melbourne was the destination of choice ! What a good choice that was !! For heaps of Melbourne love check out my previous post “Melbourne- the greatest City in the World !“.


The next few months were filled with plenty of nights out and far too much alcohol! Sorry Mum! anyway…

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For the rest of my time in Australia , Melbourne was my base ,the reason I say base is because the travelling didn’t stop there ! During my time in Australia I did the east coast (a number of times..), ..the west coast – for my blog on this check out “Broome Broome all the way to Perth“, Along with all the major cities (bar Canberra – sorry Canberra!!) Sydney (heaps of times!), Brisbane(twice) , Adelaide (twice) also visiting Barossa and our lovely wine-maker friends (twice), Darwin, Cairns (twice) ,Perth (again-twice!!), Tasmania (once-its enough!! jokes!) also visiting Margaret River -Yep i like wine regions !!! haha anyway on top of all this we did an amazing trip in January of this year which involved flying to Alice Springs and driving Uluru down the country to Adelaide – It was amazing!

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Saying that theres also heaps of amazing things to do and places to visit in the surrounding areas of Melbourne . I mention them all in my Melbourne blog. Below is a picture I took at white night in Fed square earlier this year (2015).


Australia has been undoubtedly one of the most amazing experiences in my life where I’ve met some amazing friends for life. Its also where my blog begun and I’ve alot to thank Australia for !


Let me know if your from Australia / have visited Australia or want to visit Australia and as always I’m happy to answer any questions you have (as best I can )…Just comment below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.



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