My Christmas Quick Fix Nails

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So I decided to do this piece on” My Christmas Quick Fix Nails ” because it got to Christmas Eve and true to form I had left everything to the last minute including booking a nail appointment , and as it was Christmas week it was next to impossible to get someone so late. Sooooooo I picked up some falsies in Penneys and hoped for the best !!

Christmas Nails-13

These were the nails I picked up .

Christmas Nails-7

The reason I choose these nails is because I love the stiletto shape and the long length, i think it instantly makes such a difference to your hands and just glamourises your look ! I also was thinking the nude might be a good choice (as it would go with anything and everything !) but when I put them on they were terrible on me !! Maybe it was just my pasty sausage fingers but they really just blended in with my own skin and looked a bit ridiculous , so as it was already Christmas Eve (night) I had to do something!

Christmas Nails-6

So I used the nails as a base to add some length and shape to my fingernails and added my desired colours for the Christmas Season! The colours I chose were a dark burgundy/wine and glitter for the ‘feature nail ‘.  I have to say I was really pleased with how they were transformed by a slick of nail polish and gel top coat and had heaps of compliments on them over the Christmas .

Christmas Nails-8

These were the colours /products I used :

For the majority of my nails I used “Black Cherry Chutney” by OPI , Its a lovely dark plum colour-perfect for the Christmas season!

Christmas Nails-3

For the “feature nail” I used China Whites “Flying Dragon(neon)” and once the colour was dry I added some sparkle with two coats of “twinkle lights” also by China White.

You may have noticed that i’ve a couple of loose nails which I have painted also pictured above. As anyone who has ever worn fake nails before would know its ALWAYS a good idea to have some spares in your handbag incase any “pop off!” Anyway Ive already had these nails on a week and a half (yep since Christmas Eve and they still look perfect – (they were pictured today for this post !!!). I had a few pop off over the past ten days or so and i’ve resorted to my spares and was very glad of them, so if I have one word of advice for you its – have spares – ok thats two but you get the idea !

Christmas Nails-12

After the colour polish was dry I applied a thick coat of The Gel Top Coat by Essence . I love this stuff ! It gives your polish an amazing gel-like shine and they seem to last longer with a layer over your polish!

Hope you like my simple Christmas ‘Quick Fix’ Nails ,

Christmas Nails-14

Let me know what you think and if you’ve ever tried this with false nails before,

And as always if you’ve any questions drop me a line below and ill get back to you asap…



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