Slimming World Week #1

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Slimming World Week #1

Hey Guys and Gals,

I decided to do this piece for a number of reasons, which If you follow me on snapchat you will already know – (‘wildflowerDblog’ is my username) . The main reason is I’m hoping that if I document my journey and share it with the rest of you then theres no hiding from it !!! Its out there now so I need to up my game and give it my all!

Anyway I took the first step and joined Slimming World. And you know what they say – the first step is always the hardest , and that couldn’t be more true if you ask me!


Heres hoping Ive just found the key to success eh?! 😉

Anywayyyyyy, so I went to Slimming World on Monday night , first up was a new members talk where we met our Slimming world representative Liz. Liz talked us through what Slimming world was all about and the best way for us newbies to crack into the programme. While this was going on the regular members were queueing up to pay and subsequently weigh in. Next up was something called “Image therapy”, where we (those who choose to stay) sit around and speak about our weight loss or gain , and how we got on during the week. Obviously we didn’t have much to contribute to this but we were able to get a feel for it and see what we could be involved in the following week. We also got a welcome pack with a number of books to help us on our way!

From what I grasped from week one, the Slimming world programme is based on three main categories- Your Free Foods, Your Healthy Extras and Yours Syns.

Free Foods are food you can have with no limits. Free foods include Fruit, Vegetables, Some Fish,Lean Meat and Poultry, Some Dairy, Eggs, Rice, Pasta & Grains, Beans, Peas&Pulses.

You have two healthy extras – healthy A (Dairy) and healthy B (Fibre).

So when it comes to healthy A you choose one or the other as your “healthy extra” and if you have any above that you need to Syn it! I personally choose to have Milk as my Healthy A as I love my tea & coffee !! This means I can have 350ml skimmed milk a day – result!! That must be a few cups of tea right!?

When it comes to healthy B there is alot more to choose from Cereals, Bread , Crackers, dried fruit, canned/cooked fruit, nuts&seeds etc…

The third group are the ‘Syns‘ . According to the programme you should have 5-15 Syns a day which ,honestly after week one it seems pretty generous ! (Come back to me in a few weeks times and we’ll see how I feel about the Syn Situation !! ha! )

The Welcome pack consists of:

A food Optimising book (which is the Bible of the Slimming world) {its pictured above}

An everyday extra easy book (which gives you great meal ideas)

A book about getting more active

Some Food Diary Logs

So I left the session with a Welcome pack &  a fire in my belly to succeed !!!

Have you ever been to a Slimming World Class or followed the programme???

As always if you’ve any questions for me on this post or any of my posts , get in touch (via any of the methods below) and ill get back to you as soon as humanly possible !

Orrrrrr catch me on Snapchat for some everyday banter –  ‘WildflowerDblog’ .

Thanks for reading ,



5 Responses

  1. Maria Dillon

    Yes I was in slimming world 3 years ago I lost 16lbs and kept it off.
    I’m on Unislim now, I call myself the slut if slimming clubs. I’ve been to them all ??

    • Blathnaid Prenter

      Oh that amazing! Was that your goal weight at the time??? Well done ! Id be chuffed with that !hope I can get similar results.. haven’t had a weigh in yet – thats tomorrow so fingers crossed for me hun!!!xx

  2. Maire

    Yes I tried it but after years of doing weight watchers I couldn’t get head around it, found the meeting a bit like a therapy session and very long

    Do t think I was following it right, well obviously wasn’t as I put on weight. But I knowlots of people who loved it and dropped the weight quickly
    I’m doing weight watchers again to lose the last stone of baby weight

    Those feckers make u fat lol

    • Blathnaid Prenter

      hahaha your gas !!! Ive heard that alright !! i’ve no excuse! Im hoping that I’ll find it good !! haven’t had a weigh in yet – thats tomorrow so fingers crossed for me hun!!!xxx

  3. Steffii

    This looks so interesting! There are so many weight management systems and products out there it is so hard to get around to looking into them all so these reviews help!

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