My Slimming World Journey Week 2

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Welcome to my Slimming World Journey Week 2 Everyone !!! And what a good week it was !!

I found week two got off to an amazing start when I weighed in 4.5 pounds lighter and the amazing response and support I got from everyone on snapchat (WildflowerDblog) was just overwhelming ! It really put a fire in my belly to succeed again this week ! So thank you , thank you, thank you to anyone who snapped me , messaged me or whatever.. the support was just so welcome and I appreciate it so much !!! You’re a lovely bunch !

I’m happy to say I’ve met some amazing people since the start of my journey and they also inspire me to do well. Ive been getting heaps of ‘Slimming world ‘ meal and snacks Snaps (on snapchat) and I have to say it helps my decision to eat well and often inspires my meal time receipes too! So thank you to all you lovely SW ‘snappers’ !


My Meal of the Week is actually inspired by a lovely Snapchatter (Hayley) who started following me after I posted my first Slimming World blog post, we’ve been snapping our healthy meals and even our Syns since ! This is a meal that Hayley snapped me and can be a breaded chicken fillet or chicken goujons (the option I choose) or KFC style chicken drumsticks (probably not the best option for SW fans, but a good options for the boyfriends perhaps- Darren chose this option!)


We also made an amazing Slimming World Friendly Barbecue Sauce.

For the Sauce:

Mix 4tbl spoons sweetener , 4 tbl spoons balsalmic vinegar, 3 tbl spoons worchestershire sauce and a half carton of passata and reduce.

For the Chicken:

Your choice of chicken

1 egg


Half a cup of Smash instant potato flakes

1 Tsp of black pepper

1 chicken stock cube (crumbled)

1 Tsp Garlic Powder

1 Tsp salt

1 Tsp sweet paprika

1 Tsp Chilli Powder

Directions :

  1. In one bowl beat the eggs and in another bowl mix all the spices and potato flakes well.
  2. Dip the raw chicken into the egg mixture , then place in the other bowl and coat in the ‘breadcrumb’ mixture .
  3. Lay the drumsticks on a baking sheet , spray with fry light and cook until golden brown.
  4. We serve ours with wedges and whatever veg happened to be available on the night! (in this instance carrots!) Chips and salad would also work really well!
  5. ENJOY !!!! xx


I’ll leave you with that one Guys n Gals and will keep put my love of food to good use when I scout out some more good recipes for next week !

If you have a recipe you want to share or you have any questions on this or anything hit me up on any of the following or comment below.

Or Snap me – My Snapchat is ‘WildflowerDblog’ !

Speak soon lovelies ,



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