When Photography is an Art: Caitriona Byrne Newborn Shoot

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When Photography is an Art: Caitriona Byrne Newborn Shoot

Hey All!

Ive another photography post for you and this time its featuring the fantastic Caitriona Byrne.

Caitriona is a very creative and hugely talented photographer based in Waterford City. When I put a call out on my Facebook Caitrionas name was mentioned a number of times. When I was tagged in some of her amazing pictures, I had a quick stalk of her instagram and I just knew I wanted to work with her.  You can check out her beautiful images on instagram here : Caitrionas Instagram .

Whats interesting about Caitriona is that she doesn’t use any props or false lighting (Flash) which is now, funny enough, quite rare! Caitriona relies solely on natural light and does alot of post production work on her images, working with shadows and light. She spends hours on each photograph diligently creating the perfect image. The end product is just amazing!

Caitriona not only is a very talented and unique photographer (some might say artist!) but she is an absolutely beautiful person! She is just one of those very rare few people whos personality and beautiful soul absolutely shines from her in abundance! She certainly is someone I would like to spend more time with and really get to know! And like I said in the previous photoshoot blogpost when it comes to dealing with your precious newborn whats more important than getting the right person to work with ?

Caitriona was just that! She was adoring, gentle and caring towards my little man and I really felt at ease with her from the start.

Caitriona even managed to get both my mum and dad in an image each with Arlan. These pictures are so special to me and are already mounted on my sitting room wall!

If you’d like to check out Caitrionas Photography page and all her fantastic images you can click here : Caitrionas Photography Page!

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