Pregnancy Style- Dressing the bump!

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Pregnancy Style- Dressing the bump! 


Hi guys n gals,

I thought i’d do a little OOTD post (outfit of the day for those of you who have been hiding under a rock for the last few years!!) Sorry , just saying!! Lol.. but seriously if you’ve not seen the hashtag OOTD or even if you have and wondered what it stood for now you know! Glad I could be of some help!! haha..


Anyway this was one of my most requested posts. Since I’ve been pregnant people have been asking me to do some pregnancy style posts and posts on maternity wear and whats available out there so here it is!


Like I said in my last pregnancy update post viewable here : Six months update , I haven’t bought a whole lot of maternity wear since I’ve been pregnant. That being said I haven’t been as innocent as i’m making out!! This top was one such piece. I picked this top up in Penneys , one of my absolute favourite stores a few weeks ago.


By the way did anyone else realise that Penneys don’t do maternity wear anymore??? Apparently they used to,but soon as I get pregnant boooom its gone! Gutted! Anyway they do actually have a few bits but only a handful of maternity bras, nothing to write home about (excuse the pun!)


So like I said I picked this top up in Penneys, they don’t do maternity wear anymore so Yes its just a regular top! So if your not pregnant and fancy it for yourself feel free to pick it up! Im sure you’ll look a little less like your smuggling a watermelon and a little more sporty chic . If you are pregnant I recommend buying a size up to accommodate said ‘watermelon’!


Anyway if I’d like you to get anything out’ve this post its that you don’t need to buy maternity clothes , buy whatever it is you fancy but maybe consider getting a bigger size. If you’d like to allow for an expanding bump then bare in mind the stretchiness of the fabric and the length of the top/dress . The reason I say length is that with the bump expanding it will inevitably pull up the top/dress, so make sure you’ve got that flexibility!


Thats all from me folks !

As always guys n gals if you’ve any questions on this or any of my other posts then please get in touch …


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