Pregnancy Update 30 weeks

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30 Week Pregnancy Update   

Hello Lovelies and welcome to my 30 week Pregnancy Update !


To update you all, I’m well and I got to hear babys heart beat today (which was nice!!). Since my last post I’m gutted to say i’ve got a touch of the old bold ‘morning sickness’ back! One day last week I even caught a vomiting bug , what with being back to school and that it was probably not surprising but it only lasted a couple of days and i’m in flying form again!



I’m still really embracing and enjoying my pregnancy ! Do people find that annoying? Apparently so…. I think it bothers people when they aren’t ‘enjoying’ it as much. But i’m very much in the mindset of enjoy it if you can (and thats what i’m doing!) Think of all the good things to do with pregnancy (including the little bundle of joy you get at the end of it all!) Aside from that theres everybody spoiling you – ‘oh dont lift that! ‘ , (me)”ok!!!” . Theres the reduction in household chores , the fumes from the bathroom cleaners are a bit of a ‘no-no’ as is lugging a heavy hoover around!


I also did an outfit post on this look which I will link here: OOTD pregnancy style !

Heres some images of the look (below).

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Here’s a pic of me and my man. We’re both so excited to be parents …. Not long now!!!!


By the way a friend of mine thought my belly button had ‘popped’ and I was rocking an outie! Although this is often the case at this stage of the pregnancy for most people mine is still very much an ‘innie’!! You might notice a little ‘bump’ (excuse the pun ) on my belly button and thats actually a pregnancy bellybar! Yes you can get them! They’re just like your normal bellybars except they have a flexible bar , which is exactly what you need during pregnancy.


According to a recent hospital visit i’m measuring right on! I was measured at 29 and a half weeks and I was 29 and a half cm so thats great! Yep its a cm per week apparently !! (how cool is that!!pregnancy is fascinating, i’m learning new things all the time!)



Spot the belly bar below!!!


As always guys n gals if you’ve any questions on this or any of my other posts then please get in touch …

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PS- Im 31 weeks tomorrow !!! Eeeeeeeeeekkkkk!!!!



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