Pregnancy update : 6 months down-3 to go!


Pregnancy update : 6 months down-3 to go!


Heeeeeeeeaaaaaaay Everyone !

I thought it was about time I do a little pregnancy update as I reached my 6months milestone on the 16th of August so if Baby Britt decides to come on time that leaves less than three months until my due date! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!


Anyway, whats new ?? Well no sickness since about week twenty , it lingered a little longer than i’d hoped but didn’t get me down none-the-less so all good!


I’ve not been massively tired since probably around the same time too but I’ve heard third trimester is shattering! So far I feel great and bump is growing by the day so by all means all good here !


Alot of people have asked me to do some pregnancy style blog posts and maternity wear posts etc and whilst I would love to do some because lets face it dressing the bump is fun, I just haven’t been running out and buying a whole lot! (Yeah I know it doesn’t sound like me !!!! haha) In my defence I’ve been saving for baby.


Funny enough I’ve found that I can still wear alot of the clothes I had pre-pregnancy. I’ve obviously long since said goodbye to the skinny jeans of course but flowy tops like this one are ideal for mum and bump! I find I’m loving leggings more now than ever too and leggings have been one of the few items of clothing I’ve bought since I’ve been pregnant! Along with a couple of leggings from Penneys, I also bought a stretchy fabric dress (anything that will stretch over bump is fine) I bought a size up for obvious reasons and I also bought a similar style of top. Oh I did also buy my hospital wear from Mothercare , they had a sale on a few weeks ago so I picked up a lovely set of PJs with a matching night gown and a nighty that happened to match up perfectly again from Primark. I might actually schedule a post on the things I’ve bought during my pregnancy because now that Im thinking about it I did actually buy a few bits and pieces haha !


Im writing this post from our “Baby Moon” stay-cation! We were ‘to-ing’ and ‘fro-ing’ all summer about whether we’d get away for a week or not during the holidays and whilst again we were saving for baby, we were kindly offered the use of my Aunts holiday home in Donegal which of corse we were thrilled about! Both myself and Darren really wanted to get away together pre-baby while we had the time off, so this was our perfect chance! We’re having a lovely time and I’ll do a blog post on this soon!



Outfit Details:

Top: St Frock

Leggings: Primark / Penneys

Shoes: Nike

Bag: Proenza Schouler 

Bracelet:  Shop it here.

Watch:  Shop it here.

Anyway guys n gals I think thats all for now! Hope you enjoyed my little Pregnancy update! As always, if you’ve any questions on this or any of my other posts then please get in touch …

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