Pregnancy Update wk 21

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Hey lovelies ! Its been ages, i’m so sorry its taken me so long to post a Pregnancy Update but if you want to see more just check out my snapchat ‘WildflowerDblog’ where I frequently post updates and bump pics etc…


So i’m passed the halfway point now ‘and onto the home stretch’ (sorry I couldnt help myself!) Does anyone else hear the same sh*t over and over again ? ‘Its all ahead of you’ , ‘Get some sleep while you can’ , ‘The sickness will pass’ – it didn’t!!! Anyway….



I wanted to do this post to tell you a little about my pregnancy so far and to catch up in general!


So I first found out I was pregnant the week after my 30th birthday , yes there was partying and (drinking!!…gulp!..but I didn’t know!!) Anyway I decided to take a Pregnancy test a few days after my birthday when I was having some ‘morning sickness’ (never really in the morning /usually at night) for me at least, but everyones different!


Took the test, the result was positive but I wasn’t convinced ! Yep… I didn’t know there was no such thing as a false positive !! SO if you, like me, have never heard of that or just didn’t take any notice ladies , you may want to take heed !!! So from there (still not thinking I was really pregnant) I booked in an appointment with my GP , Darren came with me (just incase!!) and yep the doctor did another test and it really was positive !! I also told her to ‘break it to me gently’ because I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about the result either way!! I am absolutely thrilled now but it came as a big surprise at the time!! I also booked in a dating scan for the following day ,maybe I needed proof that there was a baby in there or just some more information on the pregnancy rather than relying on when I thought my last period may have been. Im glad we had that scan because it was a lovely experience for us both to see the little baby in there and hear his/her heartbeat. It made the whole thing more real for us both and really gave us something to get excited about!


Of course everyone was thrilled for us when it came to telling everyone the news. We didn’t have long to wait as I was already 9 weeks .



When it came to telling my friends , I arranged a little afternoon tea at my house and had a ‘surprise i’m pregnant party’!! One of my friends (who already knew) went out and got some cute baby cupcakes made for the party and I got some giant baby helium balloons. I’ll do a little post on this when I get a chance and link it here . Watch this space!



Thank you to everyone of you who congratulated me on snapchat/facebook/instagram or any other way! It was so lovely to have your support and I really do appreciate it !


Until next time lovelies ,




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