This Seasons Scentscations feat Armani / Jo Browne

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This Seasons Scentscations ! 

So today I decided to do a little piece on the beautiful fragrances I’ve been loving lately! Ive chosen both a ‘day perfume’ and a ‘night perfume’ . Of course I’ve labelled these ‘day time’ and ‘night time’ perfumes from my own opinion. What might suit me for night time wear, going out etc might be someone else’s everyday go-to perfume!


If you’re wondering how I distuinguish between the two and what I look for in my ‘day time ‘ and ‘night time’ scents respectively then torment yourself no more ! For day time I tend to go for a lighter scent – such as the citrus/crushed vanilla combo here or this floral lemongrass and Wild Jasmine.


For night time I feel I need a stronger scent. I think a good scent is as important as having your outfit on point!  And because you might be in a packed bar or nightclub its nice to keep your scent game strong! It beats the smell of spilled alcohol , the sweat covered men (sorry men!!) and the dreaded guiness/bulmers farts (I dont know which is worse!!!)


One of my absolute all time favourite perfumes is Armani Diamonds – I wore it for years , its a perfume that was repeated on my christmas lists year after year. When I heard about this new beauty , I was more than excited ! I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it and to my great relief it did not disappoint! Now I will say , it is a different smell to the original Diamonds but beautiful none the less! There are similarities and for me its almost like the ‘night time version of Diamonds’ . Its also a self professed “club scent” . This line is from their press release : A dance that begins from the first splash on the skin. Sounds like the perfect ‘night time scent’ to me !


Can we just speak for a minute about the packaging of each of these perfumes I’ve selected for this post? I think its clear that I also value an attractive packaging on my perfume!


The Jo Browne perfumes are so unusual looking, they look like really fancy lip balms for all the world. I really think these would make great gifts and think ill be making some purchases very soon for Christmas pressies!

The Armani perfume bottle again does not disappoint ! How could they possibly make the original packing any prettier ??? Oh yes ! Make it pink! Perfect!


I for one will be proud to carry these beauties around in my handbag …

Considering a new scent? Consider these gems ….

Armani Diamonds Club and other Armani Diamonds Fragrances here.  RRP €48.00 (50ML)

Jo Browne Perfumes. RRP €18.00

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