Slimming World Update

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 Slimming World Update

(Week 3 and 4 Combined)

Hello Lovelies,

So this post combines the last two weeks of my weightloss together because I was away the last two week ends and I didn’t go to the SW meeting last Monday so as a result didn’t know my weightless/gain! So I returned this Monday night and I was so happy to find out I had lost two and a half pounds! (especially since I had been away for two weekends and those week ends involved meals out and plenty of drinks) I also reached my half stone target ! YIPEEEEEE !! I’m thrilled ! (As you will know already if you follow my snapchat !)

Anyway I wanted to include a typical Slimming World lunch that I would take to work.(Excuse the shabby Snapchat pic!)


These Yogurts are gorgeous and they are Syn Free! These Hifi bars (2 of them) can be used as your ‘Healthy B’ (your fibre). I usually go to the end of the day without ‘Synning’ – well during the week at least! And when that happens and Ive a Syn Free dinner planned then I’ll usually use my recommended minimum Syns (five) on a packet of Salt and Vinegar ‘Snack O Jacks’ and maybe a chocolate sprinkle yogurt like the one below (avail from Lidl)  or if I fancy a chocolate fix then ill spend 5 Syns on a Freddo Frog or 6 Syns on a Curly Wurly ! I think its great to have the flexibility to be able to do so.donegal

Tonight I learned that while Slimming World don’t actually promote saving up your Syns for the weekend or a big night out or whatever, it can actually be done! To some extent at least! While you need your 5 Syns a day ,that still leaves 10 Syns that you can save up ! Result!

Anyway it was a good result overall and Im one happy bunny !!

Would you like to see a recipe next ?? This was one of our dinners last week , it was a chinese style chicken chow mein. Deeeeelish! Let me know if you’d like to see this or any more receipes featuring in upcoming posts 🙂


If you’ve any recipes or tips /tricks to the slimming world programme then please do let me know, or any questions just hollaaaaa….

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Happy Slimming Ladies ,



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