Brand Spotlight: Technic Cosmetics

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Brand Spotlight: Technic Cosmetics

Hello Beauty Lovers !

This is a little piece on a brand i’ve only recently come across ; Technic Cosmetics. I was lucky enough to get some of these products in the post and i’m so glad I did because I have to say some of these babies will definately be re-purchased.4g5a5044

The products I received were :

The Contour Stix.

The Primer Spray.

The Mega Nudes Eyeshadows.

The Strobe Kit.

The Get Gorgeous Highlighter.


As I mentioned above i’ve definately come across some firm favourites in this haul – my two absolute favourites are the Strobe Kit and the Get Gorgeous Highlighter! They are just divine !!! They can be applied seperately or together for a ‘i wanna be seen from outer space’ kinda look. Which is so in right now !!!!



I used a couple of these eyeshadows from the Nude Palette at the weekend when I was going to a wedding, I didn’t find them VERY pigmented , although the colours are nice, it just meant building up the colour some more!




Here’s my first look at these shadows on Snapchat – “WildflowerDBlog” .



Ive used this product alot since I got it, one quick pump (maybe two) after moisturising and before applying your foundation and bam your off ! I like it because its a quicker way to apply Primer (as its goes on like a spray) and It also dries quickly! I use it for work in the morning when i’m short on time and I think it helps my make up stay on throughout the day so thumbs up from me !


I love contouring so when I got these babies I was excited to get using them. Im used to using a cream or liquid contour/highlight so one thing I will say about these is they are harder to blend than cream/liquid contour but I guess thats to be expected from a solid stick! I think these would be really good for travelling though or even if you fancied a ‘top up’ after work etc then I’d definately recommend these for ease of use! They even come with a handy guide (on the back) , I had a play around with them on Snapchat . Picture below!!!


Next up is the strobe kit from Technic. This is a product I wasn’t sure about at first but i’m so glad I gave it a chance because this paired with my favourite Get Gorgeous Highlighter are my ‘must haves’ now!!


This is the famous highlighter i’ve been ranting and raving about! I LOVE it! Use this with either of the two strobe creams for an intense shine and you’ll be ‘glowing’ darling!




If you want to check out their Facebook Click this link for Technic Cosmetics Facebook Page !  I highly recommend checking out this brand if you’re a beauty lover like myself! Not only are these products fab but they are budget friendly too!

Anyway thats it from me now, as always guys n gals if you’ve any questions on this or any of my other posts then please get in touch …

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