Winter Nailspo : DIY Nails on a Budget!

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Winter Nailspo : DIY Nails on a Budget!

Hey all!

Quick post for you on some fab Budget Winter Nailspo. I was lucky enough to be sent some nail varnishes from Catrice and Essence recently. It was my first time trying Catrice nail polish actually. I really love the colours I was sent – probably couldn’t of chosen better myself- they are the perfect Autumn/Winter colours !


I already have a number of Essence nail polishes and i’m a HUGE fan. As far as nail varnishes go (budget or salon quality) Essence would give any brand a run for its money! I love the thickness of Essence varnishes- it makes one coat extremely possible. The brush from Essence is my favourite part, it allows for a smooth ,flawless application . It makes it hard for me to justify buying OPI and China Glaze and other Salon brands which cost ten times the price!


This is the Essence polish, its a lovely deep red and its called “More than a feeling” . Its a fab colour and since i’ve been wearing it i’ve noticed friends with the same colour on from Shellac and Gel nails. I even got my Gelish on for the hospital (my due date was the 16th of Nov) and chose that same colour. Its a popular choice at this time of year and will prove to be all the way through the Christmas season.


Im mad about all three of these colours from Catrice :

61 Greige!  The New Beige.

105 Go For Gold!

120 Berry Necessary!

I love them all so much that I just couldn’t choose a favourite. I do like #105 for that ‘feature nail’ effect we all love so much. On that note it goes wonderfully with both of the other colours. So if you’re looking for some interchangeable nail varnishes check these out the next time you visit Penneys or your local Chemist.


These two colours are amazing together!!




If like me you love a good purple/plum colour then you’ll love this one!


I hope you enjoyed this piece and got some inspiration or ‘Nailspo’ for your Autumn/Winter2016 nails from it. I love doing pieces like this that are very budget friendly. These two particular brands Catrice and Essence are great for that, so if theres anything make up related that your looking for i’d advise you to check out these brands as a first stop.

Any questions on recommendations from either brand welcome as well as any questions on this or any other of my blog posts.

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  1. Shirley

    You have beautiful nails and all these nailpaint colors are my awesome. Essence nail polishes are one of my brand. I love it. 🙂

  2. Fatima

    Love all the shades. They look so good. I have a couple of these shades and I am going to apply them first thing tomorrow morning now.

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